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  1. Hey guys doing some research about controlling my scope wireless using iphone ipads etc and it seems most people are using the skyportal wifi module. Has anyone here had any experience using this? Also is this the only way or are there other options. The main reason i'm looking at upgrading to this is the possibility of tracking the ISS and satellites etc. Will my scope even have the slew rates to track these objects??? Sorry for the bombardment of questions but there seems to be conflicting information I'm reading so anyone with this set up and advice would be massively appreciated. Tha
  2. Morning all I'm looking on ebay for the Celestron computer to remote cable, you can get them for around £9. I'm not desperate for one urgently but do want one at some point as my CPC 900 didn't come with one. If anyone has a spare lying around they don't use ill happily contribute towards postage costs... Many thanks guys Stu
  3. Agreed! I was using Star walk before and very nearly spent £10er to get the full version, Glad i didn't Sky safari is by far the best I've used and free! Nice one
  4. I have striped it down and I Think I can see an alignment for the secondary, however I’ve checked every millimetre of the corrector glass and cannot see any marking on it what so ever. Mine is a 2010 model. I will collimate it tonight so fingers crossed ??
  5. Thanks that was really helpful As the secondary mirror is locked in place with the collimating screws and can't rotate can i assume that as long as I've installed the secondary housing to the corrector glass with the "faster" writing horizontal and the top collimating screw at 12 o clock this should be ok... I'm a bit nervous about removing all the collimating screws to check the back of the mirror for the alignment mark! Cheers
  6. Good afternoon all and hello from cloudy maidenhead! Recently getting back into astronomy from a few years break and have just bought a Celestron cpc 800 which i love! (i used to have a 8" Dob but it was too cumbersome to take to darker skies) Anyway as my title suggests i started\cleaning the front correction glass when i noticed the center with the collimating screws was able to rotate!? As i tried to tighten it, it kept on rotating (oh no!) This left me no choice but to remove the front glass to get inside to tighten it. I marked very carefully the exact orientation of the glass a
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