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  1. Hi there didn't use any filter just a 2x barlow with 12" SW dob this time of year when sun is low all day you can see planets. I use google sky map then use binoculars to located then scope and canon 300d to shoot all the best Leedseagle
  2. Hi there caught this about 2 hours before sunset ith the help of google skymap on my phone All the best Leedseagle
  3. hi there caught jupiter in leeds today just before sunset All the best Leedseagle
  4. Thanks for the advice I've used cardboard method with thumb screws from my spare focuser works great All the best leedseagle
  5. hi there i've just bought an 80mm fan for my 12" skywatcher and would like to attach it with the hair bobbles and disk. i was wondering where did you get your disk? All the best Leedseagle
  6. Hi there I also have 12" Dob (skywatcher) and am about to get an 80mm fan. I have four screw holes below primary mirror cell that would be perfect to attach, is this where you have attached yours? All the best Leedseagle
  7. Not with naked eye i was spotting with with x2 barlow and Camera (so Planes are right way up) and plane i was watching crossed Venus path, it looked like a lost balloon from the fair
  8. Hi there i do contrail spotting with my 12" Dobson today on one of the flightpaths i spotted a Half Cresent Planet South in the sky at 4PM in Leeds: is it Mars or Venus as it has a pink tinge Any help would be great Cheers Leedseagle
  9. cheers for the quick reply i thought this too but when i collimate and take shots without SW Barlow the shots are perfect. When i fit SW Barlow pictures are poor. Just wanted to know if Revelation ED Barlow is any better Any toughts?
  10. hi there i do contrail spotting i use a 12" Skywatcher Dob and bought this with 300d Canon EOS and SW super deluxe ED 2x 2" Barlow and a Cheshire collimator eyepiece this is my result: as you can see not the best somone on the forum i post my pictures has an 8" skywatcher Dobson with Revelation 2x 2" ED Barlow and this his result: as you can see much better result. Would the f/ratio have this effect between 8 inch and 12 inch as i don't want to buy Revelation and get same result. Any help would be great leedseagle p.s a guy on the forum i used has same scope as me and uses 2x TV Powermate and results are superb but i can't afford one
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