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  1. :cheers: :cheers: Only got my first scope at Christmas so not seen much due to all this cloud. Is it always like this ???
  2. Nice, 530 mile round trip for me. :shock:
  3. jaspa

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome.
  4. jaspa


    Hi You will find this a great place for advice. 8)
  5. Sounds nice, Nothing but fog here. Can't even see the house at the bottom of my garden
  6. Watching with interest how you get on with this, reckon this will be what i upgrade to later in the year.
  7. jaspa

    Hi to all

    HI Good luck with the new hobby.
  8. Just been forced back in by a blanket of cloud. was good while it lasted. Also had lots of vision problems (eyepieces fogging up) i assume this is the good old dew problem i have read about on here.
  9. Think that was what i saw, was so quick.
  10. Only have the 12.4mm one at the moment, will slowly increase my collection. Seem good to me in my very very limited experience
  11. Clear here, fantastic viewing best i have seen in my short time. Also no wind very still but it is -1 :p
  12. Hi and welcome You will find this a very helpful place, lots of good people on here.
  13. Got mine today thanks to Steve. Might get a chance to try it if the sky ever clears.
  14. Looks like it will be cold at the weekend, hope for clear skies then.
  15. This may be a stupid question, here goes anyway. Is there a best time of year for astronomy, does hold or cold weather affect viewing in any way? Sorry new to this.
  16. I am sure this topic must of been covered before. Is a Baader Neodymium Filter worth buying, will it really make a difference and cut the orange glow ?
  17. Thought i might buy it with next weeks wages Dreaming again. I ain't Mr Beckham
  18. I also got a 127 celestron powerseeker at Christmas, must admit it is very tempting to upgrade. But going to wait until i have found my way round the sky first. (also need more funds first) The Skywatcher Explorer 200 (HEQ5) looks very nice, would this give a much better view?
  19. Thanks Steve. Will have a look tomorrow, might have to purchase next month.
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