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  1. An etching primer will be needed, but should be available in any hardware store. Make sure you give your pillar a good cleaning prior to painting, even if you just installed it. I know Rustoleum makes a specific primer for galvanized steel, but I am not sure if it is available on this side of the pond.
  2. The one I used in the past, I didn't hook it up to anything until I had the voltage set. Just used a multimeter and set it to the right voltage.
  3. Thanks all, ordered that ES UL 12" last week, should be here tomorrow. Also flocked the Z10, and installed an "EZ PUSH TO" DSC from Romer optics. Clear skys!
  4. So you pretty much have a 2" adapter on all of your 1.25“ Ep's? Why hadn't I thought of that before?
  5. Having someone change their mind, or back out of a sale after seeing the item in person should not be considered a time waster. That is just the nature of the beast. Frankly the seller could be the time waster in that situation, by over selling a product (for instance, NIB! that turns out to well used). However I would classify anyone who sets up a sale, especially if a agreed upon time has been set aside, and they do not show up, as a time waster. Because you have in fact wasted the other parties time. I have had this happen as both a seller and buyer. Everytime there was ample communication between parties (mobile#, whatsapp, etc) , with confirmation of the time and place. Those people wasted my time.
  6. I remember it quite well. I grew up with a telesope and have always been "looking up". In 1997 I was in the US Military, and we were doing a gunnery range in Táborfalva Hungary (part way through a Bosnia deployment). I vividly remember seeing the comet and how bright it was. I also remember looking at the comet through PVS-7b NV goggles and being shocked at how much bigger the plume was with artificially enhanced (and green) light.
  7. I use Stellarium PC and the mobile version for field work. I have been using the PC version for planning, and to get an idea what will be visible and when, and I find the telescope/optic view to be invaluable. This season, I will probably start bringing the PC version out in the field, using a Window tablet. The mobile version is primarily used to get Az/Alt for my Z10`s manual setting circles. I have also had SkEye Pro on my phone and have used that on occasion, but find it a bit more "clunky" than Stellarium. I also have Sky Safari 6 Pro, but that is pretty much just used when my daughter comes on a viewing session with me, so she can follow along. I think if I had DSC's on my scope, or on a future scope, SS6 would probably get used more.
  8. I did not know there was an observatory in Solms. That is about 10 minutes from my house! Those scopes look amazing.
  9. For the first several months that I owned my Z10 I always left the caps off (end caps and focuser dust cap) when I brought the scope in from a night of viewing. I would just drape a pillow case over the end of the scope to keep any dust out. That worked very well. I later switched to cloth end caps for the dob, so so I just cap in the field and bring the scope in for storage. The cloth end caps let the tube breath.
  10. Thank you for the welcome! I am actually on the other side of Frankfurt from you south of Geissen. We have pretty good dark sky's, however I have not had a chance to get a good viewing session to test the skys.
  11. Arguably an LED should not "burn out", at least not like a filament bulb will. Do you have a multi-meter to check that there is power coming from the battery pack? I would guess that a connection is loose or the pot failed before I would look at the LED being bad. Good luck with trouble shooting!
  12. Hello SGL! I am not new to amateur astronomy, but I am new to SGL. I have lurked around for a couple of years, but never bothered with signing up. I am recent transplant to Germany from the US. I currently have a Zhumell Z10 and I am thinking of picking up a second more portable dob, like a ES 12" UL Dobsonian. I am used being able to set up my Z10 in the back yard and getting good views, and my move has put in a position that requires a more mobile scope. Thanks in advance! I look forward to being part of the community.
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