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  1. Hi, I am looking for a compatible focal reducer for a skywatcher SkyMax 127 (az-gti). any help would be great.. Thanks
  2. Hi you lovely people.. ? Very new to all of this, so started off with my first scope a 127 from Skywatcher. getting some amazing shots of the moon but would love to see Jupiter, Saturn and Mars etc What can you advise me on upgrades for the scope, lens etc.. Thank you all.. Mark.
  3. Thanks again for all your input, I have a lot to think about now but feel a little more educated thanks to you guys..
  4. Hi Ags I see, so would the best option be to get the 102 with a Barlow lens ?
  5. Great, thank you both. Ill check the Skymax-102 out a bit more.. or the Skywatcher Skymax-127 lol Mark.
  6. Hi Scitmon, I have been watching many youtube vids on astrophotography (DeepSky), i realise that them scopes are out off my price range so think the Moon and local planets are a great start.. Thanks..
  7. Hi Ricochet, Thank you for your reply, I have been looking more at the SLT130.. Hopefully this will get me hooked.. there are just so many to choose from, the other two seem great but the 130 grabs me for some reason… but saying that, so dose the Skywatcher AZ GTI now lol Thanks again..
  8. Morning all.. Looking into buying my first Scope, i have 3 in mind but would like to know others advise please. what do you think about them ? Thank you all for your time.. Mark.. 1. https://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/shop/telescopes/celestron-telescopes/celestron-astrofi-telescopes-with-wifi/celestron-astro-fi-102mm-maksutov-cassegrain-telescope/ 2. https://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/shop/telescopes/celestron-telescopes/celestron-astrofi-telescopes-with-wifi/celestron-astro-fi-130mm-newtonian-telescope-with-wifi/ 3. https://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/shop/telescopes/celestron-telescopes/celestron-nexstar-slt/celestron-nexstar-130-slt-reflector-telescope/
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