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  1. Heya , thanks for stopping by , its from here http://www.skypixels.at/pixinsight_scripts.html#autocolor it seems to work quite well and ive been trying it on the last few images
  2. Hey folks I have setup a twitch stream for anyone who wants to follow along with either live imaging or processing . I was previously doing videos for youtube of my images using video creation software , now I am using the Twitch system to make the videos which means we can have some fun doing this stuff live and then edit the recorded video and upload that to youtube. I will update this thread when I go live , which I will be in a few mins processing the cocoon nebula. (of course its cloudy) Twitch Link:https://www.twitch.tv/AstroPhotography Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/soreal'sentropiauniverse
  3. similar thing happened to me after I had been "fiddling" in my case it turned out my focal length entry was missing
  4. how odd , sigs not visible here unless logged in , just checked on another PC too. anyway its : http://www.sorealwarps.com/astro/
  5. Canon 450D here , images from this camera are on my website in my sig . They work fine
  6. paid for it here , i consider the cost as a donation for continued development or maybe a few beers. Whichever its well worth it
  7. Heya , thanks for the answers guys , looks like it may be ok . I love my 200PDS , how are you finding it ?
  8. Hi Folks working on a small project here and am thinking about putting a webcam in my observatory. I do have a USB feed out there so the question is , I am going to have to provide infra red light out there to enable the webcam to "see" , will this red light affect the seeing of the telescope and do I have to goto the expense of a webcam with "night vision" or could I just supply the light from a few LED's ? Thanks for reading
  9. after seeing this baader are now off my shopping list . I am looking at getting filters in the near future complete set LRGB , Ha SII and OIII. So thanks for the heads up on this manufacturer and I'm sorry for your hassles
  10. hmm no one know ? or did I put this in the wrong section of the forum lol
  11. I am thinking of moving on from DSLR imaging and have been looking at different cameras. I want to go the mono route with a filter wheel and was wondering if the QHY 183 on a 200PDS would work properly together. In the CCD suitability calculator I see this : If I use 2 *2 binning then we see this . which looks ok , I just wondered if binning would be an acceptable thing to do or would the "slight over sampling " really make a detrimental effect ? Also what about focusing , would a QHY183 on a coma corrector and a filter wheel focus ok on a 200 PDS ? thanks Paul
  12. PaulR1

    3/8 BOLT

    I had this problem too , I took a wander up to our local hardware store they had loads. this might be your best bet . I can't get them in the DIY stores here in the Netherlands ( its all metric) and I think this might be the same in places like B&Q The older family run kind of hardware store is the place to go This kind of place
  13. thats what I use . You only need power at the scope end and they work really well
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