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  1. I stopped doing darks a while back , dithering seems better for me
  2. Here is my rendition from your file , crop, mode change to 16 bit. gradient exterminator , couple of stretches and a bit of vibrance in photoshop. I'm still quite noobish at this , others may have more success
  3. PaulR1

    Focus questions

    Like this ? Below is one of mine using a 200 PDS from when I very first started . Its caused by being out of focus
  4. PaulR1

    Polar alignment accuracy

    I do by eye and easy do 5 min subs , never tried 10 but It would probably be ok . I am using sharpcap now , well I will when these damn clouds go and really not sure if it will make a difference but at a tenner a year I feel its a way to support the developer. A lot of this "aiming for perfect numbers" I think is sometimes really not necessary, folks get hooked into a kind of ocd over it which ends up costing unnecessary £££'s
  5. Probably a black and white camera and a selection of filters , which you either swap manually or have fitted in a filter wheel . So you would do a set of explosures in Ha , OIII and SII. and a set in plain black and white then process them all together. (I've never done this so I'm guessing this is how its done from what I've read )
  6. Heya This page I think explains all about nb https://www.swagastro.com/narrowband-information.html
  7. PaulR1

    HEQ5 sounds

    this is what mine sounds like with and without the belt mod
  8. PaulR1

    HEQ5 sounds

    My NEQ6 whines while it is on , the grinding is coming from the drive gears , I think the only way to get rid of this is with a belt mod .
  9. PaulR1

    Nearly there

    Nice scope the 200 PDS , im well happy with mine.
  10. I have this on my system as my "auto" focuser (auto is probably the wrong word here) https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/accessories/focusers/sky-watcher-auto-focuser-hitecastro-dc-focus-controller-combo/ This is supposed to only fit the standard skywatcher focuser but by following this video I was able to fit it to my 200 PDS Here is a video I did last night showing it being used via APT. It also works fine using the focuser controls in APT. Hope this helps
  11. PaulR1

    Venus - huge!

    im seeing it now , just came back from work , wondered what the heck it was lol huge ! Sadly cant get scope on it , houses in the way
  12. I use a ZWO 60 mm guide scope with QHY 5-II Camera on my 200 PDS , works well I used the finderscope with an adaptor for a while but found it a bit too wobbly for my liking.
  13. PaulR1

    Astro mod DSLR

    I give another +1 for Juan , he can be a bit slow at responding to emails but that was surpassed with the service he gave me.
  14. PaulR1

    First mosaic- Sadr region

    very nice mate , always nice when a plan comes together
  15. PaulR1

    Astrometry.net spiked!

    Same thing here . come back astrometry.net

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