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  1. Nope I never do intial star alignment , just set scope in home position , slew to what I need to image and then platesolve using APT , then use the GOTO ++ to centre the image.
  2. Hi mate couple of videos I did here on how to do all this plate solving malarky with APT , might help you out .
  3. very nice pics mate, ive been doing these two as well last few weeks . Very cool that you got quite a nice view of IC 4617 there as well which I believe is like 500 million light years away. Really good
  4. wrt APT , this might help you out
  5. thanks guys appreciate the input been having lots of fun with PI to get ride of this. Seems to be working out ok . Part of the Markarian's chain from last night below
  6. Couple of images from M78 I did on the 24th feb which was quite a moonlit night . Just wondering what causes all the red noise in the image. 40 images @ 4 min, 800ISO stacked , using CLS LP filter on canon 450D. Not too worried abut the processing of this , I will mess about with it just interested in what causes the red noise . image 1 Just ABE in PI # Same image using a preview
  7. yep its nice and even and its large enough that i just place it on top of my 200 PDS at the end of the night (with the tube vertical) I had to do some runs first to get the correct ADU for my camera.
  8. I use one of these https://www.beamled.com/biard-led-20w-300mm-x-300mm-panel-light-white-frame-64873 Seems to work ok , its like 13 quid
  9. Thanks guys APT for me makes AP pretty easy to get the targets aimed at and its like 18 euros for the paid for version. Even on the non paid for version its very nice.
  10. So as I could not find anything like this , I made 2 videos on how to plate solve and use the aim function within Astrophotography tool. Hope they are useful to some
  11. ok so I did it . Left bhatinov mask on for 4 blasted hours . well there goes tonight lol live and learn , wont forget that again
  12. Last night thought I would get brutal with my M33 autosave file first through pixinsight and then process with photoshop. Lots of color here but then checked that ive actually brought out quite a few other treasures
  13. heya my 2p As others have said get your collimation sorted out first this can be done indoors ( im guessing your setting up and tearing down each session ) so when you set up just do a quick collimation check to make sure nothing has moved during setup. Pay attention to try and get your polar alignment as close as you can ( not sure which mount your using) once you have this good you should be able to image for more than 1 minute unguided. Then start off with some longer subs unguided and drop down in exposure length until you dont have startrails. However on M42 you wont need much more than a minute exposure time to get something you will like Some folks even drop down to like 10 seconds to get the core of that nebula but thats a different story .
  14. Had a lot of fun doing this in spite of getting up at stupid o clock , was so pleased the sky stayed clear
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