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  1. So as I could not find anything like this , I made 2 videos on how to plate solve and use the aim function within Astrophotography tool. Hope they are useful to some
  2. PaulR1

    What an idiot

    ok so I did it . Left bhatinov mask on for 4 blasted hours . well there goes tonight lol live and learn , wont forget that again
  3. PaulR1

    So I was bored , M33

    Last night thought I would get brutal with my M33 autosave file first through pixinsight and then process with photoshop. Lots of color here but then checked that ive actually brought out quite a few other treasures
  4. PaulR1

    First image finally! M42

    heya my 2p As others have said get your collimation sorted out first this can be done indoors ( im guessing your setting up and tearing down each session ) so when you set up just do a quick collimation check to make sure nothing has moved during setup. Pay attention to try and get your polar alignment as close as you can ( not sure which mount your using) once you have this good you should be able to image for more than 1 minute unguided. Then start off with some longer subs unguided and drop down in exposure length until you dont have startrails. However on M42 you wont need much more than a minute exposure time to get something you will like Some folks even drop down to like 10 seconds to get the core of that nebula but thats a different story .
  5. PaulR1

    My Lunar Eclipse Video

    Thanks guys
  6. PaulR1

    My Lunar Eclipse Video

    Had a lot of fun doing this in spite of getting up at stupid o clock , was so pleased the sky stayed clear
  7. PaulR1

    '19 Lunar eclipse

    Here is one of the 300 images I did of this event un-processed
  8. Also as a tip if your going to do this , the top left screw on the imaging sensor unit is a right bitch , its under the top cover on the camera, so you cant get your screwdriver vertical onto it. So either see if you can get a right angled driver , some have drilled a hole in the cover but what I have done is remove the top cover completely , to do this you have to also remove the front cover of the camera. If your doing this though be really careful as I think the flash capacitor connections are exposed and touching these could give you an electric shock. Check this video for a full strip down and also at 28:20 for the capacitor discharge. Take care!!!
  9. here ya go m8 http://dslrmodifications.com/ModificationScrews450D.html
  10. PaulR1

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    I got a clear night ! 30 * 3 mins on NGC2403
  11. PaulR1

    What an idiot

    Got a new one . Messed up my APT plan and inputed 180 in exposure time and ISO , so it dropped to ISO 100 . So 3 hours of a very dark horsehead the other night DOH !
  12. PaulR1

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    pfff wind rain and cloud here nothing new
  13. Clear skies !?? My weather app didn't just say "cloudy" it said considerably cloudy .
  14. PaulR1


    I think learning your way around the sky first would help you greatly . Plough , Cassiopeia and Orion constelations to get you started then the seven sisters all by eye . Then you can have a poke around these for more things with the scope
  15. PaulR1

    My Bhatinov Mask

    if its just a flat mask , knock out a ring in your cad program and just superglue it to the mask

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