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  1. Thanks guys , appreciate the comments Thats not a bad idea actually , I might wind back in the project processing and have a look at that and also for future projects.
  2. Here is my M33 , Triangulum Galaxy , from 71 x 5 min subs over 2 nights Was fun to process as two of us also found an asteroid lurking in the subs which can be seen in the processing video near the end
  3. thanks for the responses guys , I guess its FTDI, it plugs from usb hub into the port on the mount which is an NEQ6 which I forgot to mention. Im thinking that it might be a wobbly / bad connecting power plug , as I dont tear down its a permanent setup, so I guess I will order one of those 2 pin screw on power plugs and go from there. It may of course just need pluging in and out a few times to clear any corrosion. The intermitancy ( is that a word ) of the problem I guess might point to this.
  4. Hi folks sometime during an imaging session or not at all EQmod does a connect error : timeout because the com port has gone wobbly. It is still visible in device manager. If I kill EQmod in task manager and delete the com port and do a scan for new hardware it comes back and then it works fine for a while. cable , hub problem ?
  5. the ring with QHYCCD written on it ?
  6. yeah can do tomorrow , its imaging right now
  7. ok cool , so its possible , will sort out ordering the part thanks for the help
  8. thats part of the coma corrector and the spacer is what came with the camera
  9. this is how far out the focuser is right now to achieve focus
  10. thanks for that , yeah im a bit worried I wont be able to achieve focus with this gadget fitted as right now focus is a little over 1cm out. However getting a bit cheesed off with fiddling about trying to stop the camera from being a wobbly fit.
  11. Hey folks wondering if anyone uses one of these on a 200PDS scope https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-2-clicklock-m54-clamp.html Im guessing it will just screw onto the focus tube but Im just wondering how it will affect focus and coma correction with my QHY168C and Skywatcher coma corrector . thanks
  12. interesting I ran through the subs and some had dust some didnt so I guess as the flats didnt have dust donuts they had nothing to remove from the stacked image which of course when stacked would have included the subs with or without the donuts. thanks vlaiv
  13. Many thanks for the reply Vlaiv , appreciate your input. I do see donuts in the image here but your right there are none on the flats and I just checked my sensor and it appears clean , so maybe the dust moved between be taking lights and flats. Not sure
  14. Yep , Light Flat Darkflat Dark added 2020-02-17_22-01-41__-15.00_180.00s_0001_10.00_70.00.fits 2020-02-18_00-43-45__-15.10_0.50s_0000_10.00_70.00.fits 2020-02-18_00-56-43__-15.00_0.50s_0000_10.00_70.00.fits 2020-01-05_11-16-03__-15.10_180.00s_0001_10.00_70.00.fits
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