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  1. interesting I ran through the subs and some had dust some didnt so I guess as the flats didnt have dust donuts they had nothing to remove from the stacked image which of course when stacked would have included the subs with or without the donuts. thanks vlaiv
  2. Many thanks for the reply Vlaiv , appreciate your input. I do see donuts in the image here but your right there are none on the flats and I just checked my sensor and it appears clean , so maybe the dust moved between be taking lights and flats. Not sure
  3. Yep , Light Flat Darkflat Dark added 2020-02-17_22-01-41__-15.00_180.00s_0001_10.00_70.00.fits 2020-02-18_00-43-45__-15.10_0.50s_0000_10.00_70.00.fits 2020-02-18_00-56-43__-15.00_0.50s_0000_10.00_70.00.fits 2020-01-05_11-16-03__-15.10_180.00s_0001_10.00_70.00.fits
  4. Hey folks got a real problem taking flats that work got a dimmable A3 tracing panel , place this on top of scope ( 200PDS ) Camera is a QHY168C . With a optolong L-Pro filter on it . Flats look like this They do nothing at all , they dont remove vignetting or fix any dust donuts. Nada lol Any ideas ?
  5. ok will hunt down a black shower cap lol thanks
  6. Hey folks This has been annoying me for a while now but there is light leakage around the primary mirror on my 200 PDS any suggestions / ideas to stop this ? Ta !
  7. Streamed for a couple of hours and processed M27 . Was a fun night with a few fellow astrophotographers Its still damn raining here so still no clear skies grrr. Anyway here is the dumbell from last nights processing. about 4.5 hours of 3 minute subs with a 450D DSLR Clear skies ! https://www.twitch.tv/astrophotography http://www.youtube.com/c/SoRealsEntropiaUniverse
  8. So no clear skies now for something like 2 weeks so tonight will be live streaming me processing the Dumbbell nebula , M27 , on some data I took a while ago. https://www.twitch.tv/astrophotography
  9. Heya , thanks for stopping by , its from here http://www.skypixels.at/pixinsight_scripts.html#autocolor it seems to work quite well and ive been trying it on the last few images
  10. Hey folks I have setup a twitch stream for anyone who wants to follow along with either live imaging or processing . I was previously doing videos for youtube of my images using video creation software , now I am using the Twitch system to make the videos which means we can have some fun doing this stuff live and then edit the recorded video and upload that to youtube. I will update this thread when I go live , which I will be in a few mins processing the cocoon nebula. (of course its cloudy) Twitch Link:https://www.twitch.tv/AstroPhotography Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/soreal'sentropiauniverse
  11. similar thing happened to me after I had been "fiddling" in my case it turned out my focal length entry was missing
  12. how odd , sigs not visible here unless logged in , just checked on another PC too. anyway its : http://www.sorealwarps.com/astro/
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