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  1. That is encouraging. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi, In searching for information on the TMB Paragon and clones, I found this thread. I have been trying to track a Paragon--or something like it--down, but I don't have any direct experience with it. That makes it hard to weigh the information I find. While most notes say it is gone, I do find things. For instance, I see this when I search: Aero ED SWA 2" at firstlightoptics.com. firstlightoptics claims to have their eyepieces in stock. I also found that teleskop-express.de has TS PARAGON Eyepieces, 30 & 35 (but no 40mm), and they also seem willing to sell. Looks like both companies will send from DE or UK to US. I also see that scopecity.com has the the Astro Tech Titan Type II ED eyepieces listed for sale. I have never dealt with ScopeCity, but I find that they were not popular and closing stores a few years ago. They also appear ready to take the order--I'm just not sure what to think of them. I also see they give the 40mm eye relief as 14mm. I thought it would be 20mm. (Oddly, it almost seems like there are two lines of Paragons to my not-so-educated eye. I have found at least one reference to a 60 but most are to 68 FOV pieces.) If any of you kind folks has a thought on any of this and care to pass it along, you might keep me from making a poor shot in the dark, or stepping in a pasture pastry, or however one cares to put it.
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