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  1. I’ve noticed on some Dobsonian Telescopes there is a FAN mounted to the bottom of the mirror. I don’t understand why you would put one there. On mine I made a 12V Warmer that runs off the power supply for the frost problem I was having in the winter air at night with the humidity. A fan would be used to Cool the glass, but I’ve not experienced a scenario where I’d need one. But al would also say that after all these years of looking up. I caught my first Daylight moon today.
  2. I fix Telescopes pretty easily. Stripping mirrors cleaning and reinstalling them. I can usually fix or make part. But it seems the one you have should be an easy fix. I picked up 10 Telescopes off Facebook alone in two afternoons. I consolidated parts off 4 of them and gave several to a local Cub Scout troop. Those are just some things I’ve done to help with my Astronomy hobby. Maybe try some of those ideas to resurrect it.
  3. I’ve been looking up st the Stars with Telescopes I’d put together from various other scopes, but late last year I decided to get more involved with it. I’ve purchased at least 15 books on Astronomy. I’m starting to piece together how the start Charts and Math and which tools are best used on the subject of Astronomy and so far self taught. I don’t know anyone else that’s doing it. I stumbled into this site looking for something totally unrelated and just see what’s here. I’m primarily interested in just about everything on the subject. Maybe I should have did this early. Hello everyone.
  4. The LED light helps. My eyesight isn’t what it use to be, and the Red helps with not tripping over my Telescope, which I named Cyclops.
  5. Hello. I just bought an Orion Skyquest. Used and it only had the Tube, and the computer. I had to build my own Base Mount. That took me 6 hours. If anyone needs the parts list and Blue prints to build their own. I have them. Cost was somewhere around $250.00 I used industrial mounting bearings, and the base swivel sits on a 6” thrust bearing. Now that it’s built, I’d like to add a joystick control with some drive motors. I haven’t found a kit, but I have an idea on how to build one, but I’d like to find a kit. If anyone knows anything please let me know.
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