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  1. Photos taken via my Samsung Galaxy J7 through my Orion f4 scope. The images of Jupiter and its' moons 1,3,and 5 were captured through a 20mm lens. Images 2 and 4 were captured with an Orion Shorty 2x Barlow Lens through a 20mm lens.
  2. Awesome image! I was looking for that night cap app on the PlayStore. I have a Samsung but I am unable to find it with all the similar apps. Who is the developer of the app you used? Thank you.
  3. Taken tonight via my SkyScanner 100 scope with a 6mm Expanse eyepiece. Night mode turned on my Samsung smartphone and images taken with it through the scope.
  4. Hmmm...you know after doing some research and looking at other images on the net from scopes, I wonder if I have been looking at M78 the whole time. I am very new at finding things in the sky so far. It looks very similiar to what I have been looking at. I can see 3 distinct stars and the haze around them when I look at this nebula through my scope even at 20mm. I am supposed to go to a class next week outside with a pro astronomer to show us how to find everything and look at them through a scope of theirs.
  5. Moon captured with Orion SkyScanner 100 through my Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx smartphone. Shot through a 20mm eyepiece.
  6. Hello again everyone. Beginner here with following equipment: Orion SkyScanner 100mm Reflector (New out of the box) 400mm Focal Length f/4 Newtonian Dobsonian Altazimuth tabletop mount until my VersaGo gets here So, it snowed a lot today here in Georgia, the SouthEast US. Tonight I bundled up and went out to look through my scope at the Orion Nebula. I have seen it before but I was thinking with my new eyepiece, the Orion Expanse 6mm, I would be able to see it more clearly. I could see a little more definition in the nebula but not as clear as I expected with a better eyepiece. I have a UHC filter coming as I live around a good bit of streetlights and a 2x Barlow coming as well. Do you think this will help in observing this sight better or do you think I should go to a much darker area with the filter and barlow as well? Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the replies. The light filter I am looking at buying is the UHC so maybe that will help too. I will probably get a barlow lens to increase my focal length as that will hopefully help too. In regards to the collimation of the scope, it is brand new so it shouldn't have to be collimated yet I don't believe. Also, I don't know where to take the scope to be collimated if it needs it around my area. I will ask my friend at work who has multiple scopes at his home. Any other advice will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone. I am looking for better magnification or maybe just more darkness? Anyway, my equipment is an Orion 100mm reflector f/4 Dobsonian Newtonian telescope with a focal length of 400mm. It is a tabletop telescope so it is good in the sense I can carry it anywhere but I cannot seem to get great views with the 20mm and the 10mm eyepieces I have with it. So, I ordered a new eyepiece from High Point Scientific, a 6mm wide view with what seems to be great eye relief as well. I am also going to be ordering a light pollution filter as I live in an area with quite a few street lights. I am sure if I traveled into the mountains as I live in the Southeast US I would definitely be able to see more clearly with my standard eyepieces; however, I cannot simply drive over an hr every night to do this. I am looking for ideas to be able to see Orion's nebulae along with other nebulae and planetary bodies more clearly with the scope I have now until I can afford a more expensive one. I was thinking a Barlow lens but I know that hinders light coming in too. Please help. Thanks.
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