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  1. Many thanks, i am using mobile device so this does not show
  2. Not at the time when i read it but thank you for your informative response, people like you make novices not want to ask questions on a forum like this
  3. I'm just an eager beaver lol, wanting to get started :)
  4. Ok i am back again, now looking at a used skyhawk 1145p synscan with 4 eye peices, budget is tight but thought this could be a put on and then add a better telescope at a later date. I beleive these stands are better and a little dearer, been offered it at £100. Any feedback would be appreciated
  5. I appreciate all the input and advice that is offered which is why this site is so good, especially for a novive like myself
  6. @Cosmic Geoff thank you very much for the advive, i agree in the fact that i would like to buy something that will last a few years and not be put off by the disappointment of what i can see. My inital budget was around £200 but can stretch a little for a better scope that will last. I am happy buying used as that wull help with the budget Just done a search on FLO and found this, it ticks the boxes that you mention and i presume this or one like this is what you mean? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-127-supatrak.html Thanks again
  7. @MarsG76 my mistake it is the LCM i take on board your comments about refractor telescops and i will have a look into this, can you recommend any at all?
  8. Thank you for your reply, my firat scope, i have never even looked through one so 'blind so to speak' i have a set of skymaster 25x70 binoculars but thought a scope would be the next step. Would like to see rings of saturn etc. Not expecting to see hubble type images
  9. I should add that i will want to transport this a few times between home and the coast
  10. Hi all, could anyone give any advice on this scope please, i missed out on the last scope i was hoping to buy and one of the 114LCM has become available. Only been used a couple of times and is in very good original condition with motor stand and accessories for £100. This will be my firat scope and will only be used for planets and hopefully some deep space, not being used for photography. Also is price reasonable, seen them new for around £280. Thank you in advance, i appreciate your opinions
  11. Nice, i know what i will be trying this weekend
  12. Thank you all, this confirms what i managed to find on the Internet, alot more than the £30 advertised. I have fed this back to the lady
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