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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks a lot, really appreciate your kind words too I'm glad you've enjoyed my stuff I did try Juan but sadly no response. I'll give him another go, maybe he missed it by accident. Hopefully I can get it modded before Orion hibernates again! Maybe I'll bump into you on Anglesey then And clear skies Alyn
  2. Thanks Alan. As a landscape astrophotographer I need the full-frame goodness of the 6D (also to utilise the collection of lenses I now have) and its incredible low light performance. Something like a 50d won't cut it for the way I shoot. Having recently picked up an A7SII I'm keen to give my 6D some extra life.
  3. Have filled in the request form on their site already, hopefully I get a response from them soon then. No mention of the 6D on their website though but can't imagine it's that different to the others on offer?
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking to get a Baader mod to my Canon 6D as I would love to get some nice wide-field landscape images of Orion and the Milky Way etc. Any recommendations for an active service in the UK or nearby? Loads of websites about but not getting much in the way of responses. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi guys, Bit of a lurker here but time for a first post as I've scoured every corner of the internet and cannot find the exact info I'm after. My style of shooting is more landscape astrophotography over deep space and I really want to be able to photograph Orion using a wide angle lens (eg. Samyang 24mm) on either a Canon 6D or a Sony A7SII and pick up the nebulosity. I have a tracking mount (Star Adventurer Mini) and am familiar with stacking images. I was wondering if a light pollution filter would help my cause here as I've read they can help boost nebulosity. Started to get my head in a twist with all the various filters and different types of nebulosity. I really don't want to modify either camera as I use them both for daytime landscape work too. The Samyang 24mm has a 77mm thread on the front, would something like a Hoya Red Intensifier be beneficial to my aims? Is there a better front threaded filter available for what I want? Or is a clip-in filter better? Any help much appreciated, Alyn
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