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  1. cedric_pereira

    Astrometric Calibration

    Hello. I'm trying to do astrometric calibration in my images. I need to obtain the astrometric solution and compare with a reference catalog, for example 2MASS. The separation between my calibrated stars and the catalog should not be higher than 1 arcsec. For that I have tried Astrometry.net, Sextractor and Scamp. 70% of my stars have a separation less than 1''. Do you know other softwares/methodologies to do some astrometric calibration? Cheers, Cédric Pereira
  2. cedric_pereira

    Hello from Portugal [Cédric Pereira]

    Thank you all
  3. cedric_pereira

    Hello from Portugal [Cédric Pereira]

    Hello everyone. My name is Cédric Pereira, I'm from Portugal (the country with a very good food, wine, beaches, etc ), I have 28 years old and I'm an amateur astronomer, maybe from 2013... For a long time I wanted to join the forum and moment is now. Most of the time that I search something related with astronomy on the internet, I am directed to this forum I joined this forum by two reasons: 1. I feel like I'm standing in my evolution as an amateur astronomer and I want to learn new things. I love foruns and I think this is the best method to acquire new knowledge. I want to start doing "academic astronomy" like detecting exoplanets, measure variable stars, spectroscopy, etc... I still need to set my path... I'm constructing a remote observatory to easily acquire the astronomy data. 2. I need to improve my English ehehe If you are curious about my work you can visite my webpage: http://www.cedricpereira.space/eng/ Best regards

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