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  1. So can I assume from this that a larger aperture doublet would be a better investment that the 80 triplet? I was leaning towards saving up a bit more and going with something like the 9.25 SCT (https://www.amazon.com/Celestron-Advanced-VX-Schmidt-Cassegrain-Telescope/dp/B00AZDDBYO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495412338&sr=8-1) but have read mediocre reviews on the mount. Again, maybe better to step down to the 8" and upgrade the mount? Priority is visual (and this is where I am lost as to refractor, dob, sct) as I am hesitant to descend into the AP money pit but damn it looks fun. I have to keep telling myself that even with a 14" DOB I don't have a ground based hubble and won't be seeing little green men on the surface of mars no matter how much money I spend.
  2. I have posted once before, asking for advice on a craigslist SCT that turned out not to be the deal I thought it was. I have since been reading and researching but am still as lost as I was before and I am hoping that some of you fine folks can help set me straight. Primary purpose of the scope will be for my son and I to observe planets and possibly some DSOs. If at all possible I would like the ability to do some AP but it is not a deal breaker if not. I would like to stay around $1500 for mount and scope but there may be a touch of wiggle room in there. Size, portability etc is not overly important. I keeping bouncing between dobs, SCTs and APO triplets and never seem to get any closer to "the one". Trying to find the balance between a good GEM and good scope has me pulling my hair out. Orion ED80T CF Triplet APO at telescope.com seems like a pretty good deal at $899 and leaves me a decent amount of money left over for a good mount. A 10" dob with goto seems like the easy way out but not ideal for AP. I appreciate any and all advice and am happy to provide any more details that may assist with a recommendation. Cheers, David
  3. Thank you. I figured that it was a little expensive for what it was but its always nice to get confirmation. Very much appreciated!
  4. Good morning (well at least here in TX) all. I will try and keep this brief. My son and I are looking to upgrade from a cheap newtonian. I have been reading until my eyes bleed as to hopefully not come off as a complete noob but as an active member of other enthusiast groups I find it can be a better use of time to ask those who have "been there and done that". I am considering this listing and have verified it is at least still available. The owner has owned it for 12 years and its a basic GOTO not GPS. Also appears to be a GEQ (I think) which is good as I would like to dabble in photography as well. Given the age of the thing but also considering the additional equipment is this a fair deal or is he asking too much? Thanks again, I appreciate any and all input!
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