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  1. Mmm okay, looks like I have some re-thinking to do EQ6 is probably the way since it will most likely take whatever I want in the future
  2. Looks like you have been here before Alacant :-) I am thinking of a HEQ5 which I assume should be fine for this. Going to dig through that thread now ...
  3. Hello everybody, I curious to know whether it is worth buying a cheap Newtonian OTA? I want to get started with deep sky photography and it seems like the cheapest way in. I'd rather spend the money on a decent mount/tripod, with the thought I could replace in the future once I have a bit of experience under my belt I am looking at this - https://www.bintel.com.au/product/bintel-bt200-f4-imaging-ota/ It is branded Bintel so I assume it is a rebranded Chinese model Thanks!
  4. Oh thanks, I'll give it a read now. I did have a search through the archives, clearly I didn't do a very good job.
  5. Hello, first time poster here :-) There is plenty of software out there for imaging on Windows but what about us fellos who are running Linux? I am looking at getting my first astrophotography rig and I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible. A new laptop could be within budget but I'd like to avoid if possible, the money could be spent on better things. I'd be using my DSLR, at least to start with. What are the options, capture & processing wise, if any?
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