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  1. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    Hey there forum folks. So I went my local observatory and got to look at Jupiter through their 18" telescope. Thats diameter not length!! it was a clear enough night to see three of the moons, but the colour and stripes on the surface were pretty wow. It was certainly awe inspiring. The guys I spoke to said that FLO were pretty good.
  2. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    Again thanks for all the info and in such a concise 'layman' fashion Alan. The mirror shape is a definite consideration then. Likewise the vanes. The way that the EQ mount is described on some sites it seemed akin to working out the number of particles of sand on a beach. Is it always going to be a problem with something secondhand with delicate parts? Even the returned one that you linked too would have a caveat? I don't suppose they like too many knocks and bashes? There are quite a few cheaper second hand Explorers floating around the web. Is it a waste of effort trying to snag a cheaper 2nd hand one because of the conditions of the insides. I saw another thread here advising to check pitting and damage to the mirror. I suppose new is new and that is how it arrives. Arrrgh, forecast looks like cloudy with the chance of cloud. Ho-hum!
  3. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    again thanks for all the help and replies. I think that it's going to be betwixt the 150P or the 130M in the sky watcher. or the dobsonian in whatever size I can reach 2nd hand I guess. I know it does not make any difference but the look and asthetics of the sky watchers are more pleasing to me?! the equatorial mounts are the more difficult to set up and swing on a curve rather than up, down, left right, am I right?
  4. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    Wow those moonshots you took are pretty amazing Peter. JOC that is one handsome looking chair telescope!! Now I am starting to get an idea of size for sure. Cracking piece of kit. The video from the Smithsonian is awesome, its an easy digestible run through of the whys and wherefores, now I start to see. The extendable pull out scope that he has at the end, are they any good?
  5. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    Wow, they must look a lot bigger close up?!?!? With no reference they look about a foot long and thats it. Ok, so now i can picture it, not so much as needing a table to stand it on just a flat piece of ground. I imagined that it was tabletop size, comparable to a tall vase I suppose. in terms of actual physical size if the ones that you linked too are about 4 foot long, how long are the bodies on say the 150P in comparision. Its the golf club paradox, I can't hit the ball straight there is something wrong with these clubs, better buy a new set. I asked because I really have no idea as to what I can happily expect with a beginners set up, at home, 'messing' around. To be honest I was blown away by the pictures in the 'What to expect thread' especially the blues of Uranus, I don't think I expected as much as that. The moon looks pretty amazing when its full, so anything 'more' than that will make for a happy camper. I saw this advice in other beginners threads, its an upgrade. Like when you buy a different chipset for a brand new pc and the wife says but its a brand new pc. And so it might be, says I, but this one will make it go quicker. I would think that I will wander down the lane named Used, or Secondhand, the prices on the forum here seem reasonable, folks here will tend to look after the stuff better, and I'm not bothered. And before anyone says it, I get ebay is a crock, I have been burnt there before. I am not bothered about photography, not something that I have ever gotton into. I don't mind fiddling and messing around with stuff, and as long as it isn't as difficult as making Windows 10 run, I will be ok with it. Yeah, I get it Dave, its overwhelmingly brilliant that so many people throw around stuff and information and knowledge and experience, it has already been a massive help. It is appreciated in spades. We have an open piece of ground at the end of the road, and I am about 10 minutes drive from the Peaks. Again thanks for all the help so far.
  6. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    Ahhh, more choices! Looking at the pictures and what you have said Chirac, does it just come down to preference? (And price) The tripod stands just seem more convenient. Can you 'manually' move the tripod mounted ' scopes in the same way as the tabletopped ones?
  7. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    Thank you beerme, starpaw and chaotic. Ideally I would like to occasionally head out to the dark areas of the county, we have some seriously away from streetlight areas close to me, so some portability would be nice. Am I right that the impression I get from pictures are that dobsonian mounts are table top without a tripod. And the Newtonian have taller tripods. I am looking forward to Friday, a good chance to see in all respects, if it grabs me. The planet shots on the other thread are pretty amazing. More than I was expecting I think.
  8. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    Thanks, thank you and thanks. Seriously the pointers in the right direction are brilliant. I read through the concise and so well put together what to expect thread. The planets, pretty impressive and more than I expected, especially the colours. The deep space stuff not so much, but the problem is the Hubble shots are 'so' good. Again thanks.
  9. torchlight

    Newbie questions

    Hey Doug and thanks for a quick reply. Now the cool down thing makes sense, similar to letting a car engine warm up, but the other way around. Does light pollution make a difference? Is back garden the same as out on the moors?
  10. Hey fellow forum followers, Complete and utter newb, decided that staring at the sky seemed like a good idea, having just moved and claiming a den for myself I have the room for a scope of some type. I have some questions though I see mentioned in a lot of reviews "cool down on these is very good"? Why do they heat up? We have skylights in the upstairs, is it realistic to watch through glass windows? Do you have to be outside away from light sources? I have contacted my local astro group, they have an open night this Friday so I can see what it's all about. What can I expect to reasonably see with say a £200 telescope and good conditions? Will I be amazed? Left jaw hanging? Is a tripod essential? Table top telescopes are stable enough? Just seems to my mind a tripod that comes made for the telescope seems more logical? Anyway thanks in advance.

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