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  1. Being from a technical background myself, I know with a lot of tutorials that those making them regularly tend to use terminology and abbreviations that are second nature to experts but can leave newbies confused. Being a telescope newbie and being in what my wife calls 'sponge mode' at the moment (she says when reading something of interest my face changes and I'm somewhere else, like a sponge sucking information in!) Anyway, I found this video that is by far the best one I came across, (and I looked at a lot!) for how to laser collimate, an added benefit of this one is it's one of the few astronomy videos I've seen where the guy doesn't sound like a geography teacher! Went to Grenwich observatory fairly recently, did the planetarium thing and the guys voice sent me to sleep! My wife says it was quite good too!
  2. Well, it took me two days to discover this mount also has a polar scope built in, during my fiddling I was wondering what the black plastic cap was covering and why there was a looky inny bit underneath that didn't seem to do anything, now figured out that you need to swing the scope round to make a clear polar scope view, previously when i pulled the black cap off I just saw a big lump of white mount innards in there, the engineer in me wanted to put a lump of grease in it!
  3. is this a totally stupid idea or has anyone ever tried putting a camcorder onto a digiscoping mount, then loading it into video software and grabbing stills, or even just short lengths of video and youtubing them? I know you can do it with a webcam but is this idea too wacky?
  4. One thing I did find, the philips locking screw on secondary was so tight I was in danger of bending the spiders, had to give it a lot of support, got it in now, the laser collimater is a really nifty tool, glad i got one. Just got to find a use now for the digiscoping bracket and the antares eypiece and filter kit i bought (
  5. Well, during my period of standing there, hands on hips, looking at it, twiddling knobs, standing back and thinking how blumming huge it is, I noticed that the locking screws on the primary mirror were loose, so, out with the laser collimater, it was out, the beam was hitting the primary high and right of the center ring, so, out with the allen keys & driver, adjusted the secondary and got my laser dot centered, (very fiddly) and then up at the big end and got my dot in the middle of the target, my first day with the scope and i've done a collimation! I assumed it would be in being brand new but apparently not.
  6. Thanks steve74, I'll look at those, I also came home with a laser collimater (did my homework lol)
  7. I'm also now going outside every five minutes looking for something to look at, not fussy what, ANYTHING will do! (
  8. "Making a setting circle and buying a wixey" I'm sorry i don't speak Polish! ;o)
  9. This is it, they aren't exactly D shapes, I've handled pots and knobs for more years than i can mention, but the inside of these knobs nowhere near resembles a D lol, I'll try a bit of lube lol, but yes, the intructions for both scope and mount are completely Rubbish!
  10. OK, apologies in advance for all the fog and mist that's going to come rolling in. Got home today with my first scope, a nice shiny Explorer 200P and EQ5 mount. Firstly, in the mount box there was no instructions whatsoever, went to the Skywatcher site and downloaded them, for what use they are! So, deciphering some of the instructions and looking at a picture on the back of sky at night magazine I'm almost there. BUT got a hitch. The two knobs for the dec adjustment, came in a plastic bag, they dont seem to want to go onto the spindles, I don't want to force them too much in case I damage them, is there a knack or is this a known problem. Also, can someone point me to the best setup guide for this mount. Don't suppose anyone is in Oldham are they? My wife makes really good coffee. ;o) Thanks in advance
  11. OK, I've decided on the 150PL scope with EQ3-2, however, a couple of questions. Does the 150PL come with the new Crayford focuser as the 150P,s do? I've read the eyepieces aren't fantastic on these scopes, would this be much of an improvement :- Eyepiece Sets - Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit Rgarding the above, will the scope and stuff combined in the kit above allow me to attach my digital camera, it's a fujifilm 5600 and does seem to have a filter thread on the inside of the lens. If not, what do i need to add? I know I need a tracker to get proper photos but this would be just experimenting. Because the moon is so bright I'm assuming I could at least get half decent moon pics with my fuji attached, could I? If the above EP's are not great, what would you buy instead as a beginner? Thanks in advance
  12. I saw that the 150's now come with the new focuser, so do the 'L' versions not?
  13. Thanks for the replies so far. Have looked at the various mounts, budget removes motorised as a choice at the moment, I'd rather have a good scope on a decent non motorised than an average scope on an average motorised mount. EQ looks the one for me, won't be much travelling, I live about 770 ft above sea level in an area that is quite dark, best views are NW to NE as the back of the house faces roughly North. So, the viewing difference between the 130 and the 150 are quite noticeable then?
  14. Hello, this is my first post but I've been a lurker for weeks. I've been doing a LOT of research and now need a little help. Originally I had set my heart on a Skywatcher Explorer 200, however, budget wont allow, so i'm now down to a choice of 4 (2 actually but different models) Skywatcher Explorer 130/ 130P I'm aware that the difference is the 'P' has a parabolic mirror, but does the difference in cost justify any difference in performance between the 'P' and the non 'P'? Absolute extreme of my budget is Explorer 150, but again a problem in choice, what performance difference is there between the 'P' version and the 'PL' (long) version? Also, is the difference in price between the 130 and the 150 a justifiable difference? Is the performance much different? Mounts would be the EQ3-2 for the 150 and EQ2 for the 130. If anyone is selling any of the above or a 200P with mount at the right price I'm very interested. many thanks.
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