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  1. Bear i mind also that the latest sharpcap software has a rotatable and moveable reticule, I'm proud to say that addition was my suggestion and it's VERY cool! Makes it DEAD easy to align to ra & dec without having to twist camera in focuser
  2. Mel, do you remember what size pot you used for that, and was it a linear? Oh and what range does it give? ie if you did it again would you use same sized pot? Does it go nice and slow at bottom end? oeerr missus!
  3. Lay tent Think that's where lay tent heat comes from. I'll get me coat!
  4. Don't trip over your tongue mr crow lol Neil, as you know, I totally respect your advice with regards imaging and i'll try the longer sessions, re the neo, I can't yet vouch 100% re any difference between using a neo and an IR, I will however when I find time shoot two identical jupes with same camera settings, same avi length and same registax settings but one with neo and one with just IR since using a different camera, it could well be that which had the effect, but the difference in colour was amazing and it shows most in the unbarlowed shot. Not only that but the unbarlowed one is a contender for my best ever unbarlowed jupiter re colour, sharpness and detail. But the tests will be run lol
  5. @Callisto In my opinion, no, it would be much better to use a pot as above giving infinitely variable speed. In a 92mm I recommend either papst brand, or vantec stealth or be quiet silentwings which is what I've bought.
  6. That moon on the x3 shot has honestly blown me away! I have NEVER seen a webcam image that's shown a jovian moon like that, and i also can't understand why it seems to have more colour saturation than the overal planet does, a processing quirk, atmospherics or what? I don't know? I do wish though that the x3 version had as much detail as the un barlowed one has the potential for.
  7. One strange thing of note, I almost seem to have caught some detail on that moon, it definitely looks different than with my other cam.
  8. I took delivery of a nosepiecs and a baader neodymium filter this morning, I was determined to give this camera a try no matter what the conditions. I set up tonight, conditions were truly awful, looking at the perimeter of jupiter was like looking at extreme close up of the moon, the shimmering just wouldn't settle. I assumed my captures would be very poor. Whether down to the neo filter or the difference in camera I don't know, (previously toucam) but the colours seemed more vibrant. I dropped mag down to no barlow and the seeing conditions were drastically improved. So, I did a 90 second capture or two. I decided what the hell and went back to the x3 tal, the shimmer was still there but I decided to give it a go, also of note was that, for those who are familiar with watching the lappy screen, you get that odd 'wave' where it goes crisp and detailed, the 'waves' were very few and far between. Another observation was that the vibrancy of colour was less with the x3. Even so, i took a couple more 90 second avi's packed up and came in. Bear in mind here that last week i had a hard drive failure, Registax is just at bare instal, full default settings with no tweaks. I loaded them up and did my bit. Oh, another note of interest, the blue/red edge hazing was noticeably less, less than I've ever seen, I don't claim to know enough to even guess if it's the camera, the neo filter, or just conditions, just a point of note. So, without further ado, here are the results, one with no barlow, one with x3 tal
  9. Re Mels hotpot (as opposed to betty's hotpot). With the plate being made of 3mm ally in my case, I reckon the metal on metal contact of the pot to the plate 'should' create a big heatink, or am I missing something?
  10. I need to get my NiMh PP3 charged and connect it to a fan and see how much run time it gives me. I'm not a fan of trailing wires to be honest.
  11. That's a very neat controller Mel, and guess who hadn't thought of a grille. Is there not enough rioom to pop a hole in the ally and have the potentiometer built in so to speak? My idea was to make it just like yours but put possibly a switched pot in situ at the side of the fan, and also put a panel mount socket on there for the power lead to just plug in. In fact that way, no need for the switch, just pull the plug. Until i get a power tank of some sort i was also going to see how long the fan will run off a rechargeable PP3 battery and then if it's acceptable, fit one of these on the plate too :- 5x PP3 9V Battery Holder Box with Flying Leads on eBay (end time 15-Sep-10 17:33:44 BST) ideas/opinions?
  12. That's very very nice Michael and some really nice tone/contrast at top end, I like it.
  13. What you can do, to get as close an align as possible with sharpcap, is if you download the latest version, it has a rotatable/movable reticule, if you look up drift aligning with a reticule it's actually not THAT hard. Well, if you've never done it, it's hard to get your head round, but once it 'snaps in' it's easy. http://www.andysshotglass.com/DriftAlignment.html
  14. Looks like the Tescos one aint up to much then, ahh well.
  15. Earl, have you tried wcctrl with them?
  16. Just looked on tescos site, theirs are 1500 hydrostatic thingummy, i know nowt about tents, so don't even know what that is, just saw em and thought i'd pass it on. Stop being so soft! Scott of the antarctic had an old bedsheet with 2 bamboo poles! and an anorak!
  17. Tents as in the camping type, in demand at the moment due to the star parties etc coming up. Tescos are selling their tents at half price at the moment, all sizes up to 6 man which is now going for 60 quid!
  18. I have an astigmatism which is corrected by my glasses, I never new I had it till the optician told me, but if you have one, you usually can't focus on horizontals & verticals at the same time. The tests are more modern now, but on the eye chart type thing it used to be like a semi circular fan made of straight black lines, and you couldn't focus on the whole thing at once. I use my glasses at the eyepiece but I don't particularly notice if I don't wear them, but if viewing with someone else it's better to keep them on or the focuser has to keep being adjusted for each person. Also, a point to bear in mind if you are short sighted, (like me) , especially if webcam imaging, when focusing up and watching a lappy screen, take glasses off, you tend to move in close to the lappy screen and keeping glasses on can have a detrimental effect to your focusing abilities.
  19. With an SPC900 you want to be looking at keeping same barlow in, run at 10 FPS, alter shutter speed and gain (leave gamma and brightness alone!) until you get a fair image, concentrate on focus, I mean REALLY be fussy about focus, then run for approx 90 seconds or 1000 frames. Then play with the registax.
  20. Not had much interest though has it lol
  21. Thanks for that Steve, if they're readily available and so cheap, i don't know why i've been asked if i can supply them. Strange.
  22. That sounds like what was described, can you please tell me what you do with it, and are they readily available everywhere? I know it fits in focuser, but why?
  23. The impression I got from description so far isn't a tripod leveller like the ambubble thing, from the brief description I got, and my interpetation, is something about when setting up a fork mount, at some point you need to set the OTA dead level for something? I know it's vague but does anyone know? My knowledge of fork mounts could be written on a postage stamp, the front bit, in any white bits available.
  24. I've been asked by someone if I can get levellers made, I do have a good contact for that kind of thing but I'm not sure I understand what he wants, does anyone know what I'm talking about if I say:- it's for people using fork mounts and it's like an eyepiece fitting with a levelling bubble in it. ie you don't look through it, (I don't think) but it's 1.25 i assume, but has a bubble on the top. Does anyone have a clue what I'm on about?
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