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  1. This is the foto I took of the Orion neb. Good, bad, or wat? I’m using a Canon Rebel T6 to do my photography. I’ve found out my go-to scope doesn’t always go to the exact spot u want it to.
  2. I’m having trouble finding nebulas with my scope. I found Orion’s nebula but can’t seem to find any others. I took a pic of it and the gasses showed up and I was hooked after seeing that. Anyone have any pointers on what they should look like thru my lenses?
  3. I’m trying to stack planets and DSO’s.
  4. I have been trying to figure out how to get photos or videos to appear in registax and haven’t figured out why I can’t get any images to to show. I hit the select button which brings up the box that’s supposed to have your pictures in it and it keeps saying no items match your search. It’s been a week now and I still haven’t figured it out. Can someone please tell me where I’m going wrong?
  5. What camera is around the 250 dollar range and does it come with the T-Ring?
  6. Thanks guys for the info. I ordered a dew shield and it works great. It still fogs up some, so I brought my hair dryer out. That works pretty good too.
  7. Can someone tell me which is better. The neximage 10 or a DSLR camera? I tried the neximage but never got it to work. I really want some great pics from deep sky. I bought me a new celestron 8SE but the neximage 10 wouldn't work. Is there a DSLR camera that's about the price of the neximage 10?
  8. What camera system is the best for deep sky imaging? I bought the Celestron neximage 10 and it was defective. Is there a camera that could do the same thing w/o me having to bring all this stuff outside? I'm in a wheelchair and it's not so easy to do some of these things. Would a DSLR work for what I want to do?
  9. I live in south Mississippi and the humidity down here is so bad that u can bathe with it. Lol My celestron 8SE fogs up about 15 minutes after I bring it outside. I'm spending more time wiping the lens than I am looking at stars. Wat should I do?
  10. Hey everyone. I just got my celestron 8SE yesterday and I ran into some problems with my finder scope. I figured I would step up to something nicer than them toys they put on these scopes. I bought a celestron 9X50 R.A.C.I. finder scope. It just won't adjust w/o backing two of the screws almost totally out. I put the cheap scope back on it and could not get it to adjust far enough to line up. Wat am I doing wrong? I even put on some music by Foreigner and even that didn't help.
  11. Oh yeah, gr8 idea. I live n south Mississippi. The humidity down here is so bad. After about 8 pm every night the dew falls and my telescope will start dripping water off of it from the dew. I'm gonna order that. Thanx for the idea.
  12. I just ordered a celestron 8SE with the lens and filter kit, wifi module, power tank, neximage 12mp camera, wide angle 7mm lens, wedge, and celestron illuminated RACI finder scope. Can anyone think of anything else I may be forgetting to get? I thought about the star sense but that's kinda pricely. I've got an Astromaster 130 EQ but I want more out of a scope than it could give. It's been a gr8 scope. I'm paralyzed from the waist down and my chair has knocked it over 4 times in the dark and hasn't so much of put a scratch on it. Gr8 scope for someone in my shoes or a kid. I'm probably no
  13. What is the best telescope for around a thousand dollars that I can see saturns rings and them not be a blurr? This astromaster 130 EQ just ain't cutting it. I can see Saturn and it's rings, but with my ifone 6S+, all I see thru it useing my telescope is just an oblong glowing blob. I was looking at the celestron 8 inch. I want to be able to see nebula like the horse head, flame, and basically any deep space thing I can locate. The setting circles on my scope is just there for looks. They're useless. I want to learn to use circles just to know how to manually find something w/o a computer. My
  14. I know I'm probably an idiot for asking this, but how do you use the setting circles? Do you line your scope up with Polaris and put your setting circles on zero?
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