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  1. One of my first attempts at Planetary imaging. Image taken with QHY132e and Quattro 10".
  2. Nice images, I intend to have a go at a mosaic next time.
  3. Great start for your first images. Exposure controlled very well.
  4. Thanks Zul, Was Pleased to see some colour coming through despite almost full moon
  5. Usually Image DSO's but decided to buy lunar / planetary camera (132e). Need to practice a bit more but quite enjoying to short time needed to get results. Attached is an image taken tonight with a SW Quattro 10 in Newt and the new cam.
  6. Thanks x6gas, need to lighten it a bit now have viewed it in daylight. Really happy with the FLT, have a starlight focusser on it, very accurate. Like the FOV with the optional flattner - use small 1.25 filters on my 4022 based camera without vignetting. Stars are always sharp. Cheers
  7. Grabbed some SII data with the F4 Quattro last night to add to my bi col IC 410 captured with the WO 132 refractor. Quick process and no over brightened will have another go with more time.
  8. Imaged last night, Good scale for my current set up but need to capture some more OIII. Processed with the aim of drawing out detail within the Nebula.
  9. Great detail in the Galaxies, scope performing well ! Understand the lack of sleep, cant pass up the rare oppertunity
  10. Guiding working very well, background nice and even with spirals showing well.
  11. Stunning Image, worth the effort.
  12. Main target for last night was IC410 hoping to resolve the 'Tadpoles' in Narrowband. Used the FLT132 and imaged in BiCol as I wanted to complete it in one night. Spent some time on M45 before this came over the West part of the sky. Quite happy with the result although will add some SII later if I get the chance. Cheers
  13. Very nice image, Stars are pin sharp and image is not overdone, nice processing
  14. Nice one, Can be difficult to get any of the internal structure but you managed it on this one.
  15. Thanks for the feedback, never sure when the images are edging on overprocessing but this seems about right. Cheers all.
  16. Thanks, The setup usually produces nice tight stars but this image has bloated the stars a bit through agressive boosting the of the mid tones, didnt use a star mask though.
  17. Nice Image, Tadpoles are clear good contrast in the dark areas. Imaging this one tonight myself in Ha & OIII
  18. Grabbed a few subs while conditions for RGB were good tonight. Captured Bin1 and managed to get quite a bit of the Nebulosity. Imaged with a FLT132 Cheers
  19. Imaged this between breaks in the cloud last night. Only used 100S subs @ Bin2 to ensure I had something to work with. Managed to get quite a bit of nebulosity considering the time spent but needed some careful processing. Cheers
  20. Super sharp and detailed, The HiRes version has lots of interesting areas resolved well.
  21. Super Image, like the subtle colour variations
  22. Looking very good, Like the colour combination. Scope seems to be set up and performing nicely. Cheers
  23. Thanks Olly, I am further north than Chorley, up in Cumbria. Get good sky conditions when its not raining ! Cheers
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