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  1. Very nice image, lots of areas of interest and one for the list, as said above star colour and quality is superb.
  2. Nice image, Fast scope and dark sky for those subs even with good processing, Cheers
  3. Subs were only 400S in OIII, I can see the bubble in the upper right of the image on the OIII integrated channel but it doesn't come through very well on the combined image without introducing too much noise, Will try longer subs as you suggest, its in an ideal part of the sky for me at the moment so only need some more clear sky. Cheers
  4. Thanks Peter, Left the background quite high because there was some detail there and didn't have any problems with stray light near the scope for a change.
  5. Taken last weekend with the SW Quattro Newt and QSI 690 CCD in the HST scheme. Spent most of the previous week setting up the scope after a long period of not using it. Aim of the image was to enhance the OIII emissions (blue) around the outer parts of the nebula.
  6. Thanks for the comments all, Plesed the colours seem right. Tim, Used the Quattro 10 CF, (using 2in filters), had problems with vignetting using this scope with the Atik 4000 previously. Still use flats though. I find that the combination of the fast F4 and the camera in bin2 mean I can get a reasonable NB image in one night. Cheers
  7. Late to get up and running this year but couldnt resist a go at one of my favourite regions in Cygnus. Needed to reduce the colour saturation a lot in this image and overdone the OIII exposure (makes a change from the dominant Ha). Didnt need to tweak the colour balance much to acheive the gold red blue tones of the HST Palette. Possibly lost some of the feint stuff in the dark rift between the NA and the Pelican Nebula due to boosting the contrast.
  8. Super image, very difficult to get the cool dusty areas to show, cant seem to resolve this sort of detail in my images.
  9. Very Nice Image, Retained sharpness well for such a large scale and long exposure.
  10. Nebula is well defined, nice to see the background curtain coming through as well. Welldone
  11. Thanks for the comments all, was very pleased with this image and as mentioned it is difficult to comprehend the number of stars in this field of view. The blue line is only from one sub, didnt notice until the final strech of the combined image. I intend to reprocess with some more L data next clear night oppertunity, will get rid of the affected sub and hopefully enhance some of the feint dusty regions starting to come through. Any tips on how to best do this would be welcome. Cheers
  12. Excellent image, expecially for such a difficult target
  13. Finished processing some more subs from last night. Pleased with the Cocoon image, sky was very transparent for a change so didnt need much effort in processing. Cheers
  14. Acheived good tracking without a guider! I find dew bands are essential most evenings, can be very frustrating without. Suggest some tweaks with 'levels' initially, use the low and mid points
  15. Thanks Yodah, Did use a SLR for a while but decided move to CCD mainly for narrowband, Image is SII, Ha, OIII in HST combination, lucky to get a very dark clear sky to be able to complete in one evening on this one.
  16. Thanks for the comments, may try to boost the blue in a reprocess when the clouds return tomorrow.
  17. First real attempt at an image this year, Manged to get a few hours of clear sky for some Narrowband. Found it difficult to get colour in this area in the past but managed an improvement this time.
  18. Thanks for the comments, Very much on the learning curve for Planet imaging. The image was taken with a 10in fast Newt but I also have an old C11 which may be more suited to the Job, will give it a go next clear spell. Cheers
  19. First go at Mars last night, dont think the conditions were ideal but was pleased to get some detail on the surface at least.
  20. Look very good to me for expecially considering these are first attempts. The Mars image looks very good indeed, I have bought a OSC camera, wasnt sure there would be the same advantage of seperate channels as there is with DSO's ?
  21. Like the contrast in the second image. I am finding the learning curve for processing lunar / planetary quite interesting.
  22. Nice image, captured the colour well. I am taking a break from DSO's at the moment as well, Have overlooked the moon and planets for too long, the images in this section give plenty of inspiration
  23. Thanks for the comments, Was not expecting a too much with the first images. Regarding the new camera, dont feel qualified to comment on the imaging performance because have no experience with this type of imaging. Can say its very well built and easy to use though. Have an old C11 scope so looking forward to giving it a go as well. Cheers
  24. Thanks The image was appx 700 frames @ 640 / 480 stacked in registax could do with a colour and contrast boost. Looking forward to the next attempt
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