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  1. Atik Horizon Mono EFW2 Baader NB and LRGB Filters Boxed with cables. Looking for £1500\€1600
  2. Thanks for the reply. Good info in this for anybody with this camera.
  3. Hi just an update. The camera was defective and went back to Atik for repair. They sent me out a new one. Ive done a short test with it and the banding seems to be gone. Thanks for all the replies.
  4. Ok thanks for your help. Ive emailed them again. Hopefully they'll get back to me.
  5. Using a celestron powertank. The mount is also connected. I ran some darks off a mains supply and the banding is on those too.
  6. Stacking with darks and bias removes the amp glow but the banding is worse. Attached 11 300s stacked. I contacted Atik 3 days ago and havent heard from them yet.
  7. Hi Guys, this is my first post so would like to say what a great resource this has been over the years. Any problem I've ever had the answer has been here. Until now. Just wondering is anyone else having a problem with horizontal banding on the Atik Horizon. My high gain subs have terrible lines across them which is made worse by stacking. The lines are also present in low gain subs when stacked. See attached pic of 1 300s high gain image. Hopefully it's just my camera and not a feature of the product. I realise this can be a CMOS issue but surely Atik haven't released a pro
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