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  1. Hey there GSR, welcome to SGL
  2. Hi all Does anyone know anything about this site/company: Astronomy Telescopes,Binoculars and Accessories Manufacturer,Exporter The refractors on here are huge. The large telescopes on this site are observatory class instruments (or at least appear to be), and look to be high quality
  3. matt c


    Welcome to the group Zak
  4. I wonder if large refractors ( 6"+ ) out perform reflectors on this?
  5. Hi Ayrton and welcome to the forum
  6. I'm guessing you'd need an observatory class scope to see all the stars, I'm not sure of their magnitude but I bet there down to at least 20 ish. Even then I reckon only the biggest professional scopes can see them without imaging, apparently (I think) they've managed to detected brown dwarfs in the cluster
  7. Hey there Welcome to SGL !!!
  8. And a hello and welcome from me to Del
  9. Hi Nestor, welcome to the forum Clears skies !!!
  10. Hey there Al welcome to the forum
  11. Hi all Just thought I'd start a thread about the trapezium stars, just how many have people managed to see with their scopes. I myself managed to see six very briefly once with a 10" dob I owned at the time. I think the Trapezium stars are a great challenge and measure of seeing conditions, and know it's rare to be able to see more than six of them. :)
  12. I feel your pain, I'm still without scope and it cleared up nicely last night, getting a bit bored of the binos now
  13. It's a real shame the project has downsized, I was actually looking forward to the science coming from such a large instrument. I wonder where the money comes from, is it private investors or taxpayers?
  14. matt c

    Hi from Powys

    Hi Wazzie and welcome to SGL
  15. Hey there and welcome to SGL
  16. matt c

    Hi all

    Hi Andy and welcome to SGL
  17. matt c

    Herts Noobie!

    Hey there Seedyf welcome to SGL
  18. matt c


    Hi Andy, most understand where your coming from with light pollution. Welcome to SGL
  19. Hi from me to Dave, welcome to SGL
  20. And a hello and welcome from me to
  21. matt c


    Hi John and welcome to SGL
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