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  1. All... Your (existing?) set-ups for foreign travel? Or recommendations please... What have you, or what do you fancy??? I'm undecided (VERY as usual) Small dia. MAK? Small frac? How about the tripod? How about a 'photograpy' tripod/mount... ...or, how about a 'spotting scope', or, maybe binoculars??? Please, I'd love to hear your thoughts/ideas - surely there's plenty who escape to sunnier/clearer skies every year and do a little observing over there. Hopefully Mark
  2. Thanks David... So basically, unless I 'upgrade' my mount, to say HEQ, it's best to stay away from losmandy - due to weight constraints But, I can get a 'better' saddle? to fit my mount that has the losmandy 'type' clamping format using my existing (OTA mounted) vixen type dovetail? Which type of losmandy/vixen hybrid saddle? (@FLO) were you referring to? ...M
  3. Thanks Stuart... (and Capricorn) ...M
  4. Thanks Stuart... (and Capricorn) ...M
  5. OUCH!!! Thanks Keith... So that takes care of the mount interface, how about the dovetail? ( 8" Celestron newt OTA) ??? ...M
  6. Thanks guys... Losmandy definitely sounds a lot more 'reserved' will have to see if I can swap my Vixen type completely? I've often thought the idea of crunching a couple of screws into the side of the rail a tad Neanderthal... Not disputing the fact it's a simple idea that actually works! Is it straight forward to swap 'formats' ??? ...M
  7. All, Can someone please explain/detail the various dovetail 'types' available? Is there one type that's better than another? Is there one type more suited to differing scope types? confused.com Cheers in advance ...Mark
  8. Hi Malc... I have 'several' fixed lengths (24, 21, & 5, 3) and the zoom to make up the mid lengths. Seriously, I find them excellent EPs - I know there's cheaper and there's 'better', but for me they're (in the words of Mary Poppins) "practically perfect" ??? i wish i did have the C9.25 (( ...M
  9. I LOVE EM... ...can't get enough of em! Seriously well made, feel quality, look quality (IMO) Was like looking thro' a different scope My other half wears glasses and finds these way easier to look thro' than my plossls (don't ask!) Was out myself the other night @ minus2 and had nooooo problems with the zoom WHATSOEVER... I'd recommend them ...M
  10. Roger... ...Impressive! What set-up did you use for these? ...Mark
  11. All... Apologies - unsure exactly where to post this one ?! I'm away for the annual 'jolly hollybobs' later in the year, returning to Mojacar in Almeria Spain. As I recall, there were some mind-blowing skies over there and am just wondering... Wild shot I know, does anyone know of a telescope rental service in the Almeria area (not sure if one exists anywhere) Have thought of packing my gear and lugging it over there, then woke up! Hopefully ...Mark
  12. ...i agree with the other guys, the 200P is a cracking scope (got one myself) but... i wouldn't class it as 'portable' ??? sure, you can transport it to a site easy enough, but i wouldn't fancy carrying it more than a couple of hundred yards or so... unless i took 'portable' in the wrong context ??? ...M
  13. Hi there... Lucky you indeedy, sounds a perfect 'locale' A nice little 'starter' scope... Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P Check out the sponsors link at the top of the page... Should tick all the boxes IMO ...Mark
  14. Hi Mare... Your English is excellent... (better than some UK residents I know!) Welcome ...Mark
  15. Hi buddy Glad you're enjoying it... looks like it's you who bought the clear skies then ...Mark
  16. Hi Steve... Clear skies permitting ...Mark
  17. Good advice from Rowan... Always easier to 'familiarise' yourself in the daylight. Just remember... DON'T get looking through the scope at the sun!!!!! ...M
  18. Others you can see.... You can easily spend an hour or so 'in' Orion? Several to see there inc M42, M43???
  19. If (when) conditions are good I have seen M33 and I'm only a couple of miles outta City centre! You have to really persist, but it CAN be seen...
  20. Hi Dave... A fellow Wulfrunian! I was out Sat night and had 'some' viewing of M31 ...couldn't get M33 at all. Mark
  21. Used these guys over the holiday period too... EXTREMELY helpful SuperFAST delivery too Many thanks to Zoltan
  22. Via eBay... Bought 'used' Hyperion EP Mint condition EXCELLENT service, superb comms, speedy delivery...
  23. EXCELLENT service once again.... Ordered Baader Hyperion Zoom 12PM yesterday, received here in the office 8AM today! Superb comms... HIGHLY recommend
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