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  1. Nice scope Gordon , Does this mean more then. Jeff.
  2. It may be just grease on the encoder. Jeff.
  3. WOW!! That's a fantastic M42, it's so full of detail (didn't know you had the rights to Hubble) I reckon this is got to be one for the mags. Well done all concerned. Jeff.
  4. Hi Jeff, and welcome to SGL Jeff.
  5. An interesting little movie from NASA on how to produce ice for that all important G&T. http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2009/15jan_cece.htm?list948445 Jeff
  6. Congratulations to you all, well done. :hello1: Jeff.
  7. Maybe eaten a few!! Jeff.
  8. I wonder if it's possible to de construct the actual dome into more manageable pieces, looks great. Looks like he's selling the lot scope as well. Jeff.
  9. Jeff RV

    hellloooo! :D

    Welcome to SGL Vawn. Jeff.
  10. OK Billy, the focusing aid thread must be a record by now, so i say. Hats off to you mate for all the hard work and enthusiasm you put into this, Well done mate. Now I'm thinking of an Observatory Dome Kit, shall we say 8' dia, any thoughts mate? Jeff.
  11. May be a nice target in february. http://spaceweather.com/ Jeff.
  12. Autostar Suite version 3.18, works ok with vista for me. Jeff.
  13. Great result Andrew, I like the colour shot, very nice!! Jeff.
  14. Congratulations Kath, I'm sure your just love the views. Jeff.
  15. Jeff RV


    Hi Kath & welcome to SGL.Good luck with your new scope, i suppose you will cotton on eventually Jeff.
  16. I am so sorry to hear of your impending divorce... http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=22543 Jeff.
  17. Think you may of missed 98% Jeff.
  18. Great image Robin, with good colour balance. Nice one mate! Jeff.
  19. Nice report PB, Sounds great, Any pics of it? Jeff.
  20. I placed this one earlier on the forum but can't find it, if its of any use. http://www.scopesim.com/ Jeff.
  21. Jeff RV


    Nice Moon, good focus and detail. Jeff.
  22. Just stick with it and try the suggested replies, it will all come out in the wash. Jeff.
  23. Jeff RV


    Welcome to SGL Suzi & Matt. I sure you'll like it here. Jeff.
  24. Jeff RV

    just joined

    Welcome to SGL, I'm sure you'll get all the assistance you need here. Jeff.
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