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  1. What adapters will i need to putmy canon 5d mark 1 and canon 750d onto a starwatcher evostar 80ed. I know i will need a canon fit t adapter but what else will i reqire. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. I'm getting a skywatcher evostar ed80 pro and will be using my canon 5d mark 1 (Full frame) and my canon 70d (crop censer). Hope this narrows down what I'm after.
  3. Was wondering what the peace of gear I need is called? I know you need a t adapter but when I was at Keilder Observatory they also used a tube something like the carboard inside a bog roll. They were using a starwatcher ed80 pro to take the photos. Will I need one as well as a team adapter or do you only use what ever the tube is called only on certain kinds of scope.
  4. Hi all have picked out a scope and mount I'm interested in buying. The scope is the skywatcher ed80 pro and I will be using it with my canon 5d mark 1 for astrophotography. It's the mount that I'm having trouble deciding on. Have been reading loads on the net but when I find something I think will be ok I search for reviews of it and looks and behold for everyone who says this is a great choice there is someone else who says don't buy this. Anyway I liked the skywatcher heq5 mount so does anyone on here think this would be a good choice also if I bought a goto mount would this also track or would I need a motorized mount. Also does anyone have a smaller or different mouth sergestion as to what mount I should get, obviously it will have to be tracking. Cheers in advance for your reply so. Russell.
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