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  1. Thanks for all the help, guys. Also sorry for the late response to the thread...
  2. Awesome! I will try that out. However, just to make sure, I can reuse microfibers, correct? I mean I just have to make sure to dust out the cloth to make sure its not dirty before using it correct?
  3. Hey, whenever I clean my eyepieces or filters, theres always a mark left from the cleaning tissue. What am I doing wrong or is this normal? Also, Im using optical grade tissue paper. Is it better to use a microfiber cloth? Thanks for the advice.
  4. Thank you so much for the help guys. I would have never have found all of this without your help
  5. Hey I wanted to create an EQ platform to track with my dob. Right now I have an xt6 and I plan on upgrading to an Explore Scientific 12. I plan on doing planetary AP however I can't find any good instructions on making these. Does anyone have good plans or know a good company to buy from (I don't want to spend more than a couple hundred, and rather make it myself). Thanks a lot for the help
  6. Thanks everyone! I guess I'll have to think about what I want. I might try with a dobsonian since I was planning to get one in the first place. Last question, I saw someone mention that in unclear nights size won't matter. Does that mean that on an unclear night a smaller aperture would be more effective?
  7. Oh I agree with you 100% I started off with a 6 inch dob and I still have it. I have experience in visual however not so much in photography. Do you recommend I try and start imaging with my dobsonian (without tracking) and familiarize myself with that?
  8. Thanks for the help. Just one more question: what makes planetary imaging easier with a SCT than with a dob? Is there a particular reason why the SCT will be easier to image wth? Also will the SCT give finer images than the dob if at the same aperture? Thanks for the help elko
  9. I know it's not ideal but there some forums in which people say it's possible and there are people who do it. The thing is I can't afford both a dob and sct so I was thinking I could get a goto dob and do some planetary as well as visual. But if it's possible what would I need? Any good cameras for Mac and what Barlow? Thanks here is the forum http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/485081-help-me-choose-camera-for-planetary-immaging-with-my-orion-xx12g-please-help/
  10. Hey guys, i need your help once more. I was planning on getting the orion xx12g so i could do some visual observation but planetary imaging as well. If I were to connect a webcam such as the neximage, does anyone know if I can focus the camera or if I would need to get a barlow? I live in Woodstock Ny so light pollution is not very strong (on charts I think its a dark green zone). Would i need to get a 4x or 2x powermate/barlow? If anyone can help me that would be great. thanks
  11. Hey Thanks for all the help. The reason why I wanted to know this is because I don't have a tripod yet, I only have my DIY tracker. I wanted to know this as I wanted to know whether it would work with a tripod or not, as if it wouldn't it could save me an unnecessary purchase. But since people seems to do it, why not i guess Ill go for it. Plus, astrophotography is kind of impossible without a tripod, tracker or no tracker. Just one last thing, since you have some experience with these trackers, what is the most powerful lens I can use on this tracker? I would guess around 150-200mm. Also, how fast should I be turning the tracker wheel? Thanks for your time, I appreciate it pal
  12. do you think a tripod would work, though? Thanks for your help By the way, thats a really nice build!
  13. Hey guys, Im new to astrophotography and I had a quick question. I have the canon xsi 450d, and was planning to get the Zomei q555 tripod as well. Suppose I wanted to attach a barn door tracker that I made, would there be any vibrations on the picture? What I mean by this is the barn door tracker requires me to manually turn the wheel, which elevates the mount to track the stars. If I had my camera attached on there with a ball head, wouldn't the turning of the wheel cause vibrations (especially if going to a more powerful lens), which would in turn ruin the picture? Thanks for your help. I can also send pictures of the tracker if needed.
  14. Hey Im new to Astrophotography. I have a Canon XSI 450d and live in Woodstock NY. I took a picture (i think it was around 20 seconds exposure, f/3.5, ISO 1600 and WB daylight with a 18mm lens). After stacking some 18 pics in DSS i got these weird blue red and green streaks in the picture. Do you guys know what this is? If you loom closely in the picture you can see the colored streaks. My guess would either be something i screwed up in DSS or maybe a satellite? Also Im not sure if this is the way to make a thread, lol
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