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  1. Hi Ronin I haven't considered doing anything with the 114 to be honest, it works well and its in very good shape - I haven't ever considered just upgrading the mount to be honest because I didn't think it was possible but having seen the suggestions the others have posted, it may be a worth-while avenue to explore As for equipment, I already have the various colour filters, a sun filter, a x2 and a x3 barlow lens, various mm eye pieces, my trusty Nikon D3300 with a suitable t-ring, the remote shutter clicker etc it would be a shame to not use the equipment I've amassed over the
  2. Hi Alan, These are incredible images ! Thank you for your advise and suggestion and I take it all on board. Can you suggest a Newtonian that would better suit my needs?
  3. Hello I need your expert advise and opinions please. I currently have a Sky-watcher 114 telescope which has served me well for the few years I've had it, but I've always had trouble with balancing, aligning and generally finding the more difficult things in the night sky. So I feel now is the time to upgrade to a goto telescope as I am keen to take up astrophotography and image and share what I'm seeing. My theory is that if I have a computerised / goto telescope and mount, I would spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the night sky. I have between £400 - £650
  4. Hello again Just putting it out there that if any of you would like to join myself and a few friends on Monday the 5th of september for an evening of stargazing then you are welcome. We meet at Turf Hill in the New Forest around 5-6ish. This of course is weather permitting ! ?
  5. Hi Newbie from costa del Bournemouth ☺ Went out to the New Forest at the weekend and managed these .... with the help of Registax 6 lol Although almost all of them (100+ images) were a blurry mess I'm surprised these came out so well ??
  6. Hi If you are refering to the white dot around 1 o'clock-ish, Its a crater called Aristarchus ??
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