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  1. Ok I am not sure how weird this is. But the national park foundation celestron 60 Travelscope is only focusing with the angle lensepiece (in picture) after pure frustration. I went back to what I could remember worked. And well I guess I'll always need the angle lense. Is this a common thing? Anyways I really do appreciate all the help and feedback.
  2. when I try to adjust the focus the telescope focuser will adjust however the image I see remain a blur with no change at all. Also the first day I used it the image was projected normally but now it is inverted and doesn't seem to adjust. Anything from 100 meters to .5 miles away. The telescope I got is a clestron national parks foundation 60 travel scope. Meant for camping and day hikes I loved the concept. I tried to carefully adjust one of the lenses to see if that would do anything but to no prevail.
  3. Hey guys I'm new to telescopes and well I have tried reading up on possible fixes, nothing works. First day I used it I was able to get a clear image on the lowest power inserting a 20mm eye piece and it would focus. Attempted my first night to look at Mars. Well it was a big blur and nothing worked. Next day I was attempting to look at a mountain and no matter what I did or try it remained blurry. Focus dial is free moving but the image stay as a massive blur. With no eyepiece it's still all a blur. If I look through it backwards there is a clear image however looking from the eyepiece it remains blurry. Im not sure what to do now. Any ideas?
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