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  1. wanted dual finder scope bracket or a tripple one if such an item exists preferbly ts optics one thanks all
  2. iam still very much a newbie havant seen all the planets yet ! iam on a mission to find nebula ans galaxys but if the moon is in sight i carnt help panning round and having a peek its still like the fist time AMAZING!!
  3. thanks i will try both the nebula tonite a try iam at the stage where my quality of pictures does not matter at all to me yet just any image i can blow up a little ans see something is enough for me lol i captured the ring nebula (i think) a few week ago it was so small i thought it was a star till i blew it up ! i havant slept since ...... carnt wait to get an image of something else thanks
  4. hi all iam setting the kit up tonite ! iam based in nottingham uk with celestron 80ed and a cannon 450d and goto mount can anyone suggest a few easy things to spot as seem to be panning the sky latley and finding nothing ! or if anybody has a list of objects that are easier to see or photograph ps iam still very much a newbie thanks all lee
  5. Thanks for your time on this matter lee
  6. Thats great i might give it a try tonight finally an answer i can understand lol thankyou and you might of saved me some money aswell as was going to buy a trickle charger i have a normal small battery charger at 2.7a. 4a rms would this be ok to use to rechare the battery thanks again lee
  7. ok i have nearlly finished my power bank using. a new 50a 12volt deep cycle battery shows 12.8 volts new i havnt got a trickle charger yet so wont be using it yet only for testing i have fitted 4 cigar lighters to the box that have usb cargers built in and made sure they are connecred tip + etc can l plug my mount into theese or do i need to use a dc to dc converter ? i will never need to charge the battery while using the equipment i can charge over night later !
  8. thanks for the replies there giving me lots to think about and i like the fact that half the scopes mentioned i ve never heard of....thats good though as it opens your eyes to other possibilities rather than just the common brands that we here of everyday and look at on ebay thanks again and keep them coming...
  9. Thanks that is very helpfull i checked the specs for an eq5 goto mount on flo site and it says voltage supply is 11 to 14 that is the same as what you said so iam hoping iam good to go at that !
  10. sorry for dragging up an old topic but wasnt sure where to ask my question iam in the process of building a portable power supply i would like to use 100ah lesure battery as weight is not to much of a problem but have read that some lesure batterys fully charged can produce up to 14 volts but do not have a lesure battery to test i have tested my mains mount power supply it shows 12.02 volts and tested my car battery {engine not running} that shows 12.78 volts is this voltage too high to supply the mount or is there a margin to play with ? also does anybody know what amps an eq5 draws? i need to power the mount charge laptop charge phone {mabee} and looking for a 12 volt supply for a cannon eos 450d then dew heater all this for about 4 hours max possably boil kettel any advice would be great
  11. THANKS for all the replies thanks to Cornelius Varley for the instructions ,5,7, dont seem to ring a bell with me so that could be where iam going wrong and restarting after polar alignment also good to know i can set up in the day for a dummy run never crossed my mind to do a one star alignment ! thanks again will have a go when it actually stops raining here. and will post back thanks galatic i think i got all that bit right ....but do i drop the device model box down and select synscan goto for my mount i have an eq5 goto ? i dont use the celestron nextsar option do i ? just checking thanks all lee
  12. ok thanks for the replies starting with the r32 cable i bought new from a rother vally optics at twice the price of the cheap ebay ones so can only hope that is not the problem i have checked the com port setting its is defo com port 4 on mine as it wont connect on any other . i read your post galatic your problem is very similar to mine but mine is not the com port isue i have installed stelliarium scope and also reinstalled stelliarium just to see if that was the problem like i said in the configeration my scope is connected but just not working lol and having pc mode on the goto handset on or off makes no difference can i set the scope up in the garage or outside in the day and try to figure out the problem or does the scope need to be polar aligned at night before connecting to stelliairum as a kind of a practice session ?
  13. just had a quick look on that forum someone has asked the exact question as me but its had no answers lol [removed word] !
  14. ok mabee not great choice as its alot to pay when i already have a scope that does the moon and planets all beit noat as good as a 180 f/15 so any more ideas ist the celestron 8sct a better scope for dso ?
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