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  1. I can't say I'm a compleye novice, but have had to sell my 10 inch reflector, so haven,t been out for a while. However I still have my refractor.I was always most excited about gobular clusters. But, not having been in the game for a few years, some of the local dads in the Village would like a view following stargazering live on the BBC. So i guess the question is besides Jupiter, which deep sky objects, ( particularly clusters as they have the wow factor) would everyone recommend for tommorrow night? thanks!
  2. I`m on the bristol flt-, thanks for those images- they are amazing!- do you find iso 1600 gives too much noise, and if so is there anyway to get rid of it??
  3. thanks all- i`m off next week, and am keeping fingers crossed
  4. Hello all, I`d love some advice if possible, i`m booked on a " In search of the northern lights" flight soon- ( A birthday present from a much appreciated spouse!!) It`s a flight to up north to see the aurora borealis- they switch the lights off on the plane etc andhave an expert astronomer on board(Pete lawrence being one of three). I`d really love to get some pictures, but i`m not sure what would be the recommend exposures/iso`/lens, I`ve got a conon 40d , and a couple of zooms( one wide angle) would welcome your top tips, and if they come out well, i`ll try and post them here!! much appreciated, Ian
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