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  1. If the military are advertising how many of a specific type of aircraft they have, (and are telling the truth) then they're doing it wrong. The military will have many types of aircraft that are in no official books or referenced anywhere. The U.S military have bases all over the world. They will be flying all sorts of exotic crafts all over the world, constantly. The U.S has a yearly military budget that is mind numbing. Those are also official figures. The real budget is likely much, much higher. If you say you saw a strange formation of aircraft over head that definitely weren't birds then
  2. Hello, In the past, many times, I've researched and almost bought a telescope. This Christmas I am finally going to pull the trigger. Looking over my old notes from previous years reading I was looking to buy these pieces of equipment. 10" GSO Dobsobian f5 Deluxe - included eyepieces - 30mm 2" Wide Angle ERFLE with 70° field and 9mm Super Plössl - multicoated Cheshire Collimator Telrad Finder 4" Telrad Raiser Turn Left at Orion Would this still be thought of as a good starting set or have things moved on since I was last here? I'm guessing the two free eyepieces aren't up to much? How bad are
  3. Skywatcher Skyliner 250px f4.7 Aperture 250mm - Focal Length 1200mm http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-250px-dobsonian.html £452 Delivered GS880 - 10" f/5 Dobsonian by GSO - Aperture 250mm - Focal Length 1250mm http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1192_GSO-Dobson-880---10----250-1250mm-Teleskop---Deluxe-Version.html £509 Delivered With the GSO, for the extra £47 it seems like you get a 1:10 dual speed focuser, new altitude tension & balancing System and some (improved?) azimuth roller bearings. With the GSO being an f5 would it
  4. Right, after a few days of research I’m a little closer to deciding and have a little more knowledge of telescopes. I’m still lacking in accessories knowledge though, such as eye pieces and Barlow lenses etc. I’m going to get a copy of Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe by Terence Dickinson. This seems to be highly recommended to beginners along with ‘Turn Left at Orion’ which I could get later. After reading the advice from this page and others I’m leaning towards a Sky=Watcher/Skyliner 300p 12” Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope http://www.cameracentre.co.uk/product_info.
  5. Outside it is then, thank you for the advise. Thank you all for the welcome too. I'll be looking through all the recommendations in depth when I get home and will be back with more questions. Is there anywhere where I can see images of what certain telescopes are capable of? Are there any telescopes in my price range capable of getting views like these?
  6. Hello, I’m totally new to astronomy, but very interested in learning the skies and buying a telescope. I’d be mainly using it in the back garden and/or out of my large attic room window where I could leave it set up. Portability isn’t a huge issue. I’d like to look at all things in the sky, moon, planets and DSO. Would that be a problem when deciding which telescope? Are there specific scopes for specific objects/purposes? Also at some point I’d like to take photographs of the images I’m seeing. I’ve been doing a little research on telescopes and will be continuing to do a lot more but
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