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  1. I had a skymax 127 on an eq 3-2 and I found it to be a good match. The mount was much more stable than the one that came as standard and handled the scope easily but was still fairly light and easy to carry. I got a celestron c6 sct next and that was too much for the eq3-2 but for the skymax 127 I would give it the thumbs up.


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  2. These are the best images of Saturn that I have been able to get so far. Although it's very low at the moment, I had the first clear night for what seems like forever so I thought I'd have a go at imaging it. Whilst the results are far from perfect, I am pretty pleased as I'm still learning and conditions weren't helpful. All taken with a C6 sct on a CG5 mount using a ASI120MC, thanks. 








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  3. After several unsuccessful attempts at imaging Jupiter last night, I have had a bit more luck with the moon. So I have these images of what I think is the tycho crater, feel free to correct me as I'm still learning. All taken with my C6 sct and  ZWO asi120mc, the close up was with a 2x barlow. 




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  4. I was out last night with hopes of getting some images of jupiter but the seeing was awful so I turned my attention to the moon. Managed to get a few good captures with my Celestron C6 sct and ZWO asi20mc. I've only had a telescope for around 18 months and was very pleased with these results with fairly modest equipment. 

  5. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/282698-es-68degree-or-meade-hd60-or-celestron-x-cel/?do=findComment&comment=3093826

    I recently asked the same question and got some good advice on the thread that I've linked to above. I went for the ES 24mm in the end and was lucky enough to find one just before the prices went up. Unfortunately the weather has been awful ever since I got it (as is standard I believe) so I haven't been able to use it and therefore cannot comment on its performance. However I can tell you that it's a nice looking thing which seems very  chunky and well made and I'm pretty sure I won't regret buying it. 

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  6. I have decided to sell my telescope and mount to fund another project.

    The mount is the Skywatcher Eq3-2 which has been fitted with the enhanced dual axis motor drives and a polar scope for improved polar alignment. It has been well looked after and been kept indoors when not in use.

    The scope is a Celestron C6N which is a 6 inch reflector (similar to the SW 150p I think). It comes with finderscope, 20mm plossl, tube rings etc and is in excellent condition as it is less than a year old.

    New cost for this lot is around £500

    I'm asking for £300 but I'm open to sensible offers.

    Bank transfer or cash only please. Due to the size and weight it would be better for the buyer to collect but I would be willing to drive a reasonable distance. 





  7. I had a feeling that the referendum result and the falling value of the pound might have something to do with it. It's just a bit frustrating, I suppose a lesson is; don't delay. If you see something that you want for a good price then go for it, (within reason obviously)! 

    I've got a few items which are surplus to requirements so I think I'll try to sell some bits to raise the required funds.

  8. I have had my eye on a ES 24 mm ep for a couple of months now and was just waiting till the Xmas bills were all paid before splashing out £98 on this ep.

    Anyway payday arrived and I went to buy it from FLO and it's now priced at £117, that's nearly a £20 price hike overnight! It made me think twice and now I'm going to shop around and maybe think about buying second hand. 

    I was wondering if anyone else had noticed any other price rises recently and whether more increases are to be expected.?

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  9. Hello, I have a BST 25mm and a Skywatcher 32mm plossl that might suit your requirements. 

    The BST is less than 6 months old, as new condition with all original packaging, £35 delivered. 

    The plossl is less than 12 months old, as new condition with all original packaging, £20 delivered. 

    Or you can have both for £50. Pm me if you are interested. 

  10. I can handle a bit of distortion at the edge as long as that's where it stays. My main fear is that if I pop for the ES68 and the outer 8 degrees is distorted then I could've saved the extra and got the 60 degree Celestron (as long as that's sharp across). 

    I think, as with most things, that there is a law of diminishing returns. Where there is quite a hike in cost for a small increase in performance, it's just a case of what's more important to you I suppose, a cost/benefit analysis is required! 

  11. Thanks everyone. I think that I will disregard the Meade, as it's too similar in specs to the Celestron to justify the jump in price. I am happy to hear that the Celestron is an improvement over the BST, especially from someone who has used both. Initially I was leaning towards the ES68 24mm but I don't want to pay £40 for an extra 8 degree afov (is it worth it?) only to find that it's not that sharp to the edges!

  12. I currently have a 25mm BST which is great in my f10 sct but seems to struggle a bit in my f5 newt. I was considering changing it for the baader hyperion but I've since read that they don't like fast scopes either. 

    I've narrowed it to the ES 68degree 24mm at £98, the Meade hd60 25mm at £95 or the celestron x-cel lx 25mm at £59. 

    My question is, has anybody got any experience with these ep's in anything like an f5 reflector. And if so, are the Meade and ES ones really worth nearly twice that of the Celestron? 

  13. For sale is my Skywatcher Eq3-2 with enhanced dual axis motor drives and fitted polar scope. It's in great condition, has been well looked after and has just had a set of fresh batteries! This is a great lightweight portable mount or a great introduction to eq mounts. I'm only selling due to a recent upgrade, new price for this set up is well over £300.

    I'm asking £180, bank transfer or cash only please. 



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