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  1. Yes I am on a DIY..but why so...preference of parabolic mirror is always higher..i know that...but as you state..IT NEEDS A PARABOLIC MIRROR.. Will spherical mirror cause trouble? Thanks Mayank
  2. Thanks cloudsweeper.. What would u suggest then 6 or 8?
  3. Thanks dave What would you suggest then 6 or 8?
  4. Hey there stargazers, I wanna know what are the pros and cons of two diff f/numbers 1) f/6 2) f/8 And also please suggest which one should I prefer. Thanks ?
  5. Hey there stargazers.. I'm trying to construct my own Newtonian telescope. The f-length of my objective is around 900mm ( planed..not bought yet). Can i use Concave mirror as an objective.. As parabolic mirror isn't available around here anywhere in my city. And if yes.. What aberrations can I face.? Please do help guys Thanks
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