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  1. Here's M42 from last night, whilst watching a film (Rita Sue and Bob Too) i paused it and had a look outside the seeing was 7/10 :shock: so off went the film and i frantically setup the Mount and ED80. Observed Orion for a while then got some frames for stacking 28x30, my intention was to get 30x 30secs and 30 x 8 secs but alas the clouds came rolling in. Really pleased with the image although i think i can get some more out of the RAW files later. Hope u like. James
  2. I setup the same as Russ and Rog it's quick n easy but Drift Alignment has to be the Best esp taking images of Dso's?..
  3. I'll help out as much as i can in a constructive manner Prob come in for some help too :)
  4. When using the Canon DSLR i use a combination of slightly over exposed images and just under exposed images with the Moon, i find i get a perfect exposure after the resulting Stack. Looks Fab anyway Greg! James
  5. Iam loving the Website for your reasons Astroman highly amusing
  6. That is so much better Greg IMHO, looks blumming awesome well done James
  7. That second image is fantastic Greg , the second is just a little over exposed but still very good.. Nice one! James :moon:
  8. A little over processed imho Caz but it's close, the thing about your original image is that it looks so Natural.. Had a go Myself but some kind of Artifact came into play.. James
  9. Excellent first images, stunning infact for first attempts 8) James
  10. Maybe it's me but iam sure i can see a hint of the tail?.. Either way its a great image of the Swan Phil
  11. Looks nice n crisp Caz, is it the right way round? theres no way up in Space Good to see the Minolta in action as well as yourself Well Done. James
  12. Nice one Ant, be good too get a Trail Shot of Iss i reakon James
  13. Nice one Ian the Click n Hope approach worked , i'll stick this in my Observing planner.. James
  14. OXO

    new member

    Hello Paul, Welcome to the Forum! Hope you enjoy it here James
  15. The objects seems a little sharper than the stars so it leads me to believe it could be an artifact during stacking or hardware? The images are Raw mate no stacking etc etc just cropped for the Animation.. Just been looking at the frames up close there is deff another object/whatever there and also a hint of one more, iam at a loss what they are i would put them down to artifacts but like i said there not there from other images on the same night so Temps etc etc were the same.. James
  16. I'll go and Check mate, no feedback from anywhere else yet as such.. Interesting there's other objects can't see it being artifacts though as there are none on the images taken the same evening and around the same time too.. Puzzled lol. Thanks James
  17. Yep it Works just done my Laptops Starry Night
  18. Your Welcome Doug, it was a toughie but you did superbly capturing as much as you did.. James
  19. Hi Ian, Yes a while i heard one and managed to image the resulting vapor trail/smoke.. Made a whoosh whistling noise, sounds like you had fun out there Ian cool! Ive heard there has been a few fireball sighting recently you did well to observe one. James
  20. Thats Jamie for ya Hi Dave, Welcome to the forum if Jamie gets out of hand we will get Steve on him so don't worry James PS:You may get better response posting this in the welcome section Dave..
  21. Member of the Month goes to, Kenny aka Kenny 10 Bellies Kenny has been chosen for the running of the SGL Games Server for which brought members of the Forum together as a community into the worlds of BattlefIeld 1942 and taking every effort to help those having trouble with setups and tactics in the game, not only that he's an all round good egg who offers help without being asked. Well Done Kenny! Admin/GM's/Mods
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