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  1. UKHD is a great site, I have it on my phone and have filters for my required interests, I get a notifcation when anything is listed thats matches. Excellent for discounted PC hardware etc. You got a good deal!
  2. I had a 130p on a small eq mount a few years ago, went on to buy an EQ5 ( same reasons as you) and used the 130p on that until i then upgraded to a 200p. Did it step by step.
  3. SPC's were great bits of kit. I bought 5 of them when Morgans had them for about 6-7£ a piece, these where 800's i believe that I flashed, going back a few years here.. Ok thanks for the advice and will check out the above
  4. After a few years "out of the game" so to speak I have just resparked my interest ( isnt divorce wonderful!) BUT it seems the days of buying a SPC900 for less than a tenner are gone! What are the webcams to look out for these days? I really miss the basic imaging I was able to do with my old 200p and having picked another small scope today am keen to get back into the swing of things. Please recommend
  5. The only reason I can think of is as S@N is often used as a program "filler" for the early hours of the morning on BBC 1,2,3&4, it gives the BBC more choice of programs to show. IE say you have 40 min program on BBC4 @ 03:00 a twenty min S@N would slot in nicely to fill the whole hour. A little like playing Tetris but one program having two shapes! Having said that I cant understand why they would have the first showing as a cut down version??
  6. Yep, 80% sure Iplayer has the 30min version but maybe only when that version has aired...
  7. Indeed that time again, but I wait for the extended version as the first showing is normally the cut down 20 min job.
  8. Glad you got it sorted. I have used Interparcel many times with their "UPS" service which was always very cheap. Quotes from UPS directly worked out many times more! Athough I'm sure that UPS dropped Interparcel some time ago? Havent seen them offer a UPS service the last few times I checked.
  9. I have a Carlex jumpstarter which I have had for a few years dispite having no mains charger for it I dug it out last week in the hope to use it to power my EQ5 once I source a charger. Sadly I wish I had sourced one last week as we had planned a day out today and.... I have a flat battery on the car!! Does anyone own one of these? If so can someone tell me the voltage and polarity of the charger? Failing that, how can find I find out the V+P? Theres nothing on the unit itself.
  10. 0.001772 Astronomical Units = 265 087.656 kilometres
  11. I do see Suffolk on the list, but my house backs onto a 60 mph roundabout so not much hope of those going off
  12. Not mine - 14" LX200 GPS Of my own - 5" Reflector
  13. Pics or it didnt happen ! Well done on the milestone.
  14. Hi Joanne, I guess you cant see the forsale yet due to low post count, Anyway I have a 130p up for sale which is also on eBay 130p on eBay
  15. I know the exact one you mean, a fellow student had it on a recent weeks observing in mallorca. But cant for the life of me remeber the name!! Was an excellent app if anyone knows the name?
  16. Got the new Nokia N8 today which has the symbian3 OS. This phone is a HUGE step up from my last phone and will take some getting use to Question is can anyone recommend some good astro apps that may be of interest? Something like Stellarium would be a great start as i dont think they do a phone version. Also looking for any astro/physics/science RSS feeds that people use and like. Oh did i mention i got a new phone today :D
  17. I plan to be very stationary today... whilst putting off doing the garden
  18. Normally takes 48hrs for them to remove listings like this. Its things like this and people selling "500+ Ebooks on DVD" (which i also report often) that wind me up about eBay. Sure you cant blame the person for trying but eBay knows it goes on and dont seem to care, I'm sure every listing is moderated and I mean how the hell can someone have the legal rights to sell 500 random books in "photocopied" format?? I'm sure if you placed a listing for "200 Benson & Hedges" it would be removed in seconds.
  19. I'm always reporting listings like this to eBay and they do seems to disappear for a few days... Only then to be relisted by the same user! So if you want stellarium for the bargin price of £2.99 have a look here- ASTRONOMY & PLANETARIUM SOFTWARE SPACE, PLANETS & STAR* on eBay (end time 16-Oct-10 22:58:46 BST) EDIT - Seems from a couple of the replys that some may be taking the title to seriously! You can of course get the software free from their website WITHOUT paying for it, hense this thread!
  20. Watched this on the Iplayer last night after seeing this thread. Thanks for the heads up was a very interesting watch
  21. Setting up isn’t a really issue, i normally keep it all together but it has to live in the garage and with the layout of my house it means everything is carted though 3 rooms. The other advantage was no aligning being needed. Ok so a cover and bungee is a no-go I'm coming across as a little lazy yeah? lol Maybe its time to invest in a small shed, would stand out like a sore thumb in the middle of the patio though ( very limited on space in the garden because of a high tree line on the south side and the house on the north side). Any other ideas for creating a good weather proof cover ?
  22. We have a nice circular patio which is home to the table and chairs during the summer but is now vacant. Last year i was always finding it a hassle to grab the scope from garage and get it through the house and finally fight off the dog in the kitchen. Only then to have to wait for everything to cool down etc. My plan is to setup the tripod and mount with a good alignment and fix the legs down in a semi-permanent fashion. It would be wrapped and then covered with a nice soft-lined motorcycle cover which i have in the garage and maybe a few bungee cords for good measure. Would of course remove the motor-drive (when i can finally get a replacement) and any other quick to remove items leaving only the tripod, mount and tube outside. I really feel i would have got a lot more use from my scope last winter if it was always "ready to go", what do you guys think? I have a secure garden and live 10 miles from the coast, scope is a SW130p on standard mount and tripod. I would estimate I will get an extra 60% more viewing with it outside 24/7 but would it be worth it for the extra wear and tear of leaving it to the elements over winter? Long story short is it a good idea ?
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