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  1. Hi, just a quick question about the moon. This morning we could see a very clear image of the moon even at 8.30 am. We were looking west over the Malvern Hills towards Herefordshire. I know it's probably just a basic question, but just wondered how come you can see it when it's full daylight? Joseph
  2. Thanks for the info. I will check out the early morning planets. Jupiter will have to wait until the weekend! hope it's a clear sky. Joseph
  3. Hi, thank you for all the useful info. Still no luck with the Barlow lens. I have seen a set-up session at Worcester, so that should find out what I am doing wrong if anything. Thanks Joseph
  4. Hi I am very interested in your Telescope Workshop. My dad bought me a Skywatcher Heritage 100 for Xmas ,and I would love the chance to set it up a little better. Thanks Joseph
  5. Hi thanks for all the info. Yes I think I re-focussed but I will give it another go to make sure. Thanks Joseph
  6. Hi this is my first post here. I have a Skywatcher 100 and would like to know which planets are easy to find at this time of month, where to find them and which lens to use, I have a 25mm 10mm and a Barlow lens
  7. Thank you for all the useful information. I have made some progress, we have been looking at the Moon because as you all know it's very easy to find for a beginner. Great viewing through the 24mm and 10mm eyepieces, when we put the Barlow lens on with either of these it looks cloudy is this because this is being magnified too much?. Thanks Joseph
  8. My dad has bought me this for Christmas can someone advise me how to set it up. The red dot finder is fixed onto the side and has a small light coming on but no idea how to use this. So far I have used it in daylight, and have focused on a piece of obscure glass about 100 metres away, and can see the very fine detail on it. For star gazing which lens should I be using, it has three in the box, barlow, wide angle and normal. I know this is basic stuff but any help would be well received. Joseph and his dad!.
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