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  2. Hello all, I am a complete novice at this and haven't got the foggiest of ideas where to start. I began by watching video tutorials of how to stack images, and I have captured a few pictures and video footage of Saturn. I have run the footage through PIPP to stabilise it and have tried stacking the individual images through "DeepSkyStacker" but it asks for "dark files, flat files, dark/flat files and offset/bias files". As mentioned, I am a complete novice so would someone be able to give me a description of what these files are and if they are images, how I can go about taking these. Thank you in advance.
  3. The 10,12,20 and 25mm eyepieces came with the telescope as did the x3 Barlow Lens. I was given a x5 Barlow from a friend and the x2 I bought the other day after seeing images and reading articles where many people seem to use the x2 rather than any other. I saw Saturn for the first time this morning but was disappointed to see it rather small, maybe my expectations are far beyond what I will actually will achieve. I was curious to see how people manage to get clear images through an eyepiece rather than layer images (which I will be looking at doing for my next project/hobbie).
  4. Hello, This is my first post and I am interested in learning about barlow lenses. I have a x2, x3 and a x5. I have a bresser newton 130/650 EQ3 Telescope. I have managed to see jupiter,mars and Saturn through this within the recent weeks, but I do find a lot of the images I view are quite blurry. Is this normal? I have an array of eyepieces. 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm and 25mm. What would be the best to use as a pairing as I believe my maximum magnification is x260. Thanks in advance. N.B. I have only been using a telescope for approximately 8 weeks so still trying to get to grips with it properly.
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