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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum. From your co-ordinates you must be in the north of Sheffield. As I also got confused with millions of numbers after the decimal point. I download a compass app for my galaxy S6 phone, that gave me the exact location in degrees, hours, minutes and seconds. But also my elevation above sea level,
  2. Nice shot. I'd like some clear skies to try and get a look at it first.
  3. Sounds like something I may invest in. But first I need to try the cheaper option to see if a zoom is what I really like. Might have to join a club to see if I can see one operational in the field.
  4. Mr Crabtree was my inspiration for a plethora of angling sagas. But back on topic. I was given a subscription to the Sky at Night magazine, but as part of the package it also came with these 2 books. Collins 2016 Guide to the Night Sky and the Philips's Complete guide to Stargazing. Not looked at them properly, but for the absolute beginner they seem useful resource books.
  5. If I'm up at the 300-500 hundred mark I'd probably have individual eps. Duly noted avoid 7-21. Thanks for the help.
  6. I'm not looking for a mega sharp images at this point, but want to be able to experiment more to see what short of range I find the best fir me. I may invest in a slightly cheaper zoom and save the money to buy so good quality set eps once.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. The reason why I was considering the zoom. Is that whilst I'm learning my way around the scope I thought it may be a good idea to get a zoom ep. I have a 10 yr old daughter who is quite keen to be able to view the stars. In the past changing the eye pieces over meant that I lost my target. But with the Synscan system keeping the object central shouldn't be too much of an issue. I have found that the eye pieces that came with my daughters small 76mm Aldi/National Geographic scope (she got it for the grand total of £9.99. Spent her pocket money on it last summ
  8. I'm the proud owner of an Orion Optics VX8 with the 1/10th mirror upgrade. Sadly it is let down by the eyepieces from my previous budget starter scope. I've been doing some research on new eyepieces and came across ones with a zoom feature. In theory you only need one eye piece, which given my novice status may give me a better range of viewing options than buying multiple eyepieces. I have a reasonable budget of around £150, but may go higher. Does anyone have any experience of zoom eyepieces and any recommendations.
  9. The scope you have had was my first scope too. I too found the red dot finder scope more than useless. My first question is have you polar aligned the scope properly and set the scales to 0 at this point? The start position. If it is anything like mine you will find that the metal rings with the markings on were completely in the wrong place. You may need to rotate these to the correct place. Once everything is properly aligned it makes all the readings on the scales easier to understand. As for that finder scope. I used the skywalk app on my phone and rested it on the main tube to a
  10. By the time the stars came out again. The neighbours had started their New Year Party and BBQ. Swirling smoke and loud music and bad singing put me off setting up the scope. So I enjoyed the night sky with a glass of wine. Happy New Year fellow skygazers.
  11. a good place to start is by aiming at Orion.'s Belt This is currently in the south east. Use the eyepiece with the highest number to set up the scope concentrate on the middle of the 3 stars. Try changing the eye pieces to see if the star gets bigger. You may even loose the two outer ones. Most of all don't be disheartened.
  12. I saw stars. Had me tea and went to get the scope out. Raining again. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Hope next year has a few more clear nights.
  13. I trawled eBay and got a secondhand copy for the princely sum of £3.99. It's a great book to start with, but like many of people my age it was the Observer books that got me hooked.
  14. I'm already finding it useful. Learnt so much in such a short time. Just need some clear skies
  15. I'm originally from Leek. Lol. I have a few friends who live in the Staffs Moorlands. Once I competent at setting up the scope I may just go and crash their gardens.
  16. Staffs Oatcake


    Ursa Major as viewed from my friends house in Shetland
  17. I have also followed the jumpstart pack route. Got a 17ah pack with two 12v outputs, a USB socket and an LED light all for the princely sum of £39 from Halfords, courtesy of the Post Christmas sales. Just need some clear skies now.
  18. From the album: Images from digital cameras.

    © Colin Burgess. (Aka) Staffs Oatcake

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