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  1. Wonder what went on between you, and them in Wales and me and friends in the Staffordshire moorlands and Uttoxeter. But gaming said that I've been to Shetland to visit friends where we had no aurora and yet 3 miles down the road they had a truly great showing.
  2. Some truly great images. Mind with the cold frosty night I managed to get my scope out and had some fantastic views of Jupiter, M 45 and some spectacular high level cloud. But sadly no aurora last night.
  3. And yet my friends on holiday in Anglesey got some great photos of the aurora on the beach at Benllech, and other friends who live around Portmadoc were treated to some great views.
  4. Nice photo. The light show last night was pretty spectacular even down here in Stoke-on-Trent. But I didn't go out with the camera or the telescope. I'd been celebrating Mother's Day in the pub earlier. But it's predicted to be similar tonight, so you may get another chance to take more images. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I'll be able to get out with the camera
  5. Nice photo. Wonder if one of those holders may have helped stopped the blurring. Might consider getting one.
  6. I was in a similar boat a few months ago, but with trial error I've had some great views of Jupiter . Jupiter is currently a big bright ball of light in the early evening skies of the east. Using Star walk & Aligning my finder scope using Jupiter as the target to align the scopes made for some fantastic views of Jupiter the other evening. Even with the Synscan system fitted I found it difficult to get the planet centre eyepiece without some aligning. Mind it always helps if you polar aligned your scope properly first. Something in my haste I haven't being doing.
  7. A quality eye piece is on my list of things to get. But which ones to get is a bit of a mystery. Tempted to get a zoom one first to see which ranges suit me and them go from there. I might get a decent barlow too. But last night was a great chance to align my spotting scope with the main tube. Well what better way to get a distant object centre scope in both eye pieces. My scope was an insurance settlement after a house fire, but I put extra to the insurance monies to get this scope . I wouldn't have been able to get one otherwise.
  8. Thanks for the comments. My scope is an Orion Optics VX8. With a 1/10 mirror upgrade. Eyepiece was a celestron one. Can't remember whether is was the 6mm or the 15mm. They were what was left from my old celestron scope.
  9. Yes really. Samsung Galaxy S6. And as for the celestron thingy I have no idea.
  10. The visual image was a clear as anything. I think what's causing the effects is the cropping from its full size image and camera shake. As I was trying to hold it steady whilst in the right place. Nigh on impossible. But I managed something just the same.
  11. Managed to get a few hours out yesterday evening. Spent a ages trying to get my scope aligned only to find I was looking at the wrong star to align. (Doh). But eventually managed to get the Synscan system to play ball and point at something I recognised as jupiter rose over the roof tops in the east. How pleased was I when I could make out the bands through the eyepiece. I managed to get the this image taken with my mobile phone. Not the greatest, but it's a start.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Rough where in Cheshire are you?
  13. Not just Han Solo, Indiana Jones says it too. Must be a Harrison Ford thing.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I started out with the same scope. I hated the red dot sight as it was so far out of alignment. I took to using a smart phone app to guide me to the stars by holding it on the tube. More accurate by far.
  15. Welcome aboard. You're not the only one asking numpty questions. I've asked loads. And got some fantastic answers. The grey matter is slowly storing them up. It's a great forum full of useful tips and suggestions.
  16. North Staffs Astronomical Society. They have their meetings at Hartshill Scouts hut. I'm up in Norton Heights.
  17. Welcome to SGL. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  18. This us what I bought as my power source. Can't fault it.
  19. I hope so. I've only seen 3 clear skies since December.
  20. I attended my first astronomy club meeting last night. I found it a great experience. Firstly a talk on the Gaia space mapper satellite. And then a talk about the February skies. Met some nice people and learned a great deal about telescopes and astrophotography. Sadly all way beyond me at this point. But all safely stored away in the grey matter. The whole irony if the evening? The first clear night for weeks and where was I? Inside.
  21. If you want to see some real dark skies try leaving all the dust caps on. When first had the scope a few years ago I spent 10 minutes trying to phathom out why the sky was so black. I'd done every the instruction had said to do. Apart from put the dust cover on the dining room table. Unbeknown to me my wife thought she was helping and put it back on.
  22. Your welcome. If I hadn't been a hill walker I too would have struggling with the minus number. But I still navigate with a map and compass, not a GPS unit. I'll leave that to my friends to guide us into the bogs. Lol.
  23. From what I know there are only four connections in a USB port. Two of of those are power related +5v and ground the other two are data connections. I will do some more investigations into RJ12.
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