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  1. Very useful and makes a lot of sense. Going to apply when I need to balance next.
  2. Yes the Moonlite was a straight forward fit - the only fiddly bit is fitting the base plate.
  3. Having received my Moonlite focuser , fitted it and the sky was clear (!!!!) , decided to setup and observe for a while. setup went fine, whilst allowing to cool couldn't resist a peek at jupiter. Put in 20mm and got a good view - Io was on the west of jupiter, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto on the East. Saw some detail as I managed to get my view at about 17:00 UT so it was realtively high. went inside and had some food. As luck would have it various things distracted me, but by 20:30 back out to scope - hmmm , scope now covered in a thin layer of snow. decided a quick look at orion (M42) was in order - nice view . Was going to look at more but , nasty cloud looming so packed up. Seems you cant win with the UK weather, scope in warm defrosting atm. will say this though the moonlite didnt grumble at all - smooth as silk.
  4. here in Neath it was cloudy Sunday night so I thought thats a wash out again, but thanks to an extra freight train coming through that woke me at 03:00, saw a good number through breaks in the cloud. Some were really bright and at least 2 of those broke up as they came in into at least 3 smaller ones - pretty spectacular.
  5. Agree that stellarium good for beginners - i've now found i need more detail tho. still use stellarium for quick see whats where re constellations etc
  6. i'm getting on well with it - clouds permitting. like all eq mounted scopes , it's getting used the mount that is the hardest part. i upgraded to meade 5000 sp and i find they suit the scope well.
  7. That is very good - like the realism and resolution, something to aspire to
  8. again a personal opnion, but i prefer the EQ mount. For visual the EQ3-2 mount is stable and once your used to using it allows for easy viewing.
  9. robneath

    A few Messiers

    Those are excellent, especially the M15! How long did the M42 take?
  10. as has been said its practice that reveals more, strange as that might sound. My first view of Jupiter was an indistinct lemon disk and four moons. Now I can detect the bands plus whichever moons are visible. Same with DSOs - M42 is magnificent, but I've noticed the more you view it the more detail is noticed, even with my puny setup
  11. sounds like Jupiter - next time hope you see all four moons. Its wind plus rain here so at least you saw something and thats a stwp forward
  12. I liked all of those poems, agree about the first one with regard to her growth, think the Hardy is my favourite though.
  13. I own a 150PL and its given me good views of DSOs. I have a neutral denisty filter (for moon) and a UHC filter, used both to good effect. More than happy with 150PL
  14. Thanks for this Paulo - very useful resource!
  15. The three Messiers are on my list already, I'm also thinking of the Herschel objects as well. From what I've been able to research some of those are pretty faint as well.
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