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  1. Oh ok thanks. And I understand what you are saying, I'm not expecting to see some NASA style photos because that is just unrealistic. However, I appreciate that it will just be small images that I'll see. I'm just very excited to start observing as it seems such an excellent way to spend my spare time. Although after being reassured by many people that the scope is a decent model then I'm happy to purchase it. Thanks for the help everyone!!
  2. Ok so I think I will go for everything in my lost post: the 250px dob, the right angled finder, the collimating eye piece and the Rigel (without the battery pack). Just to confirm, will this set up be sufficient to see planets and deep sky objects? Just don't want to get this wrong. Also are the eyepieces supplied decent to start with and then later on I can chose to upgrade them? Thanks
  3. Ah right I thought I'd read that it could be quite uncomfortable to use without a right angled one so assumed it was a must to have initially. And I'll definitely remove the Rigel then if it will gather dust (unless that is better) Thanks for you're help.
  4. I've been trying to speak to some people at my university whether or not they can maybe point me towards a club or society which could help me with this but have had no luck as of yet. I was wondering if anyone could confirm that the setup in the attachment would be good to start with for general use, in particular for planets and deep sky objects. I think I'm definitely ruling out photography for a while until I get used to everything but if everything in the attachment will be good for a starter then I think I will go with that. Thanks again.
  5. Also, what is the flex tube for? Is it worth the extra money?
  6. Hi, looking in to all your advice I have now added the following into my basket. I've attached a picture to the post. So I'm not sure what exactly is the difference between the two dobs and which finder scope to buy. Could someone explain how the dobs differ and which would be more suited to my needs. Again with photography. I would maybe consider that in the future however for now I don't believe it is necessary for me. So hopefully I can decide before the end of the week as I'd like to be using it sometime soon. Thanks.
  7. First of all thank you for all of your replies, I really appreciate the help. Also, I've looked into the link provided by jetstream and it looks good plus there are several good reviews. Although I don't quite fully understand what all the technical details of the scope mean (I would certainly love to find out more) would this definitely be good for viewing objects listed in the first post? I have also looked into the program you mentioned, stellarium, and that looks like it could be extremely useful. There are lots of resources how to use it and would mean that I do not need a GOTO mount. In
  8. Hi, I've decided a few weeks ago that I would like to purchase my first telescope. However, after trying to research the ideal telescope, I seem to find one that Looks good only to then keep on finding more that seem like they will do the job. So after struggling with independent research I thought I would come here to hopefully get some advice off you guys. Firstly, my maximum budget would be £500. This has to include everything I need to initially buy, of course if something that is a lot better but costs slightly more then I'm more than willing to consider it. Ideally I would like something
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