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  1. Bit late to this thread, but yes I remember it well. No scope in those days, took my binoculars out to near the beach and looked at it - one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. The distant constant roar of the surf coupled with the comet apparently speeding across the sky streaming out a double tail seemed to combine as though I could "hear" the comet. No stimulants involved !.
  2. Ahh the "... down-up adjustment stick ..." that's what I've been missing from my scope, pity they don't sell those separately.
  3. Moon and planets - 5mm Baader Hyperion. Other targets I use either an 18mm Celestron X-Cel LX or a generic (but good) 32mm Plossl.
  4. noah4x4 - thank you for the pbase link. Excellent collection of drawings, close to what I can make out through the polluting glare. Re the OP, I subscribe to the digital S&T edition, I like the magazine and enjoy the spread of topics addressed but many of the articles do often seem to be aimed at readers with significantly more sophisticated kit than I have, who are located in much less light polluted areas and enjoy many more evenings of clear skies than I do. On the other hand, there is a limit on what can be written and described about naked eye observing in suburban skies where i
  5. Congratulations Mike. It looks very good, how does the height of the eyepiece work out in actual use (i.e. not on a street-light !) do you stand or can you sit to observe ? Hope the weather improves for you.
  6. I'm not sure if this a new problem on a once well functioning scope or whether it has never worked for you. I can recommend that you double check - time, offset from GMT (if appropriate), daylight saving, date (US format or UK format ?) and location. I think you can check battery voltage via the hand controller - check this. The fault seems to indicate that the scope somehow has location or time/date wrong.
  7. Moise212 - you are of course correct - I read the wrong column (for my Dob not the MAK) from my spreadsheet. 18mm = 1.53mm EP and 32mm = 2.71 EP. Thanks for spotting that error.
  8. Skipper Billy - well done looks an excellent build.
  9. I'm not sure what issues there are with W-10 and AstroPlanner, it works for me, although I prepare on a W-10 PC and use an old XP laptop at the scope. The fact that there has not been any update in the recent past is fine by me, it's stable, no new learning curve and it works.
  10. I use AstroPlanner, it is a very rich tool that covers more than I need, it is a reasonable price, flexible licensing, it works and I have no complaints. I specifically like the ability to specify local horizon (read obstructions) and the simple way to set up an observing plan and log comments on the observing session. I also use the scope driving ability to steer around my SW MAK GOTO. Makes life easier. You seem to have tried quite a few tools - anything stand-out as a particular turn-off ??
  11. I would suspect that anything below 10mm is too much for this scope (I have one so I know a bit about them) and 10mm is pushing it most of the time. My favourite eyepiece is a Celestron X-CEL LX 18mm followed by a generic Plossl 32mm. The 18mm is giving you about 83x mag and an exit pupil of about 3mm, the 32mm about 46x and a 5.5 mm EP.
  12. In a v3 HC I have v03.38.09 firmware and v2.09.85 motor controller firmware. Why did you downgrade your firmware ? The No link to mount message disappears and then it runs OK ? You might be correct in your suspicion of the power - funny HC responses and funny motor noise. Can you check that the power pack is delivering the full voltage and that one cell has not started to fail. The two issues do sound a bit like an iffy voltage.
  13. Wiggle the connectors a bit to see if there is a poor contact. If you have a power supply available try that, the system seems voltage sensitive. I will check my firmware versions and get back to you.
  14. I bought a “Skywatcher Black Line Skymax-127 SynScan AZ Goto computerised Maksutov Cassegrain” from a German supplier in Feb 2013. I see now that the price has increased 21.6% over the last 3.5 years. Inflation has been at an all time low in the same period so does this indicate that the hobby is booming - thus a sellers market ??
  15. Yes, not a bad bonus in the job. They used to say before a noob took a flight in a fighter, "eat a banana before the flight, it looks the same on the way in as it does on the way out ..." I think a bit of motion sickness is a price you almost always have to pay for such an experience. Interesting series, missed the first one but Monday's seemed fine if a little meandering and philosophical at times. Way, way, way better than much of the dross transmitted these days.
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