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  1. Thanks, it was great to meet up with you too. My fist walk on Saturday had nearly 40 people on it so I hope the rest continue to be popular. I was buzzing after as they all seemed to enjoy it. :-) Elizabeth
  2. Thanks, it has been good so far and I am intending to come along to the Star Camp along with the other Dark Sky Rangers to learn more from you all. :-) E
  3. Thanks for all your help, the binoculars are here and they are great for moon watching so I will use them for my star walk at the Wigtown Book Festival on Saturday and at Sanctuary too. Shame I didn't get to meet Steve in person but I will soon. I have been asked to look into the parallelogram mount that you had if anyone has any suggestions they would be welcomed. E
  4. Hello, everyone, I am one of four new Freelance Biosphere Dark Sky Rangers here in Dumfries and Galloway. I met a couple of your members a week or so ago when they were up preparing for your next Star Party up here. I am just starting out and it was great to meet such enthusiastic and knowledgeable people and I thought that I should sign up and find out more. All the best to you all, Elizabeth.
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