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  1. Where in the country are you hypernova ?? I am in salford/Manchester , total cloud at the mo
  2. Just finished playing footy at 11pm n the sky was awesome. Rushed in to tell the missus that I am goin outside. Hot vimto n blankets ready, every item of clothes I have I am now wearing. Guess what........ Clouds !!!! Where did they come from. Went from 0% to 100% in ten mins. Not happy. Anyway gonna stick it out for an hour n see how u guys are gettin on Wish me luck...
  3. I dont think I will be able to goto a darksite either. Back garden it will be Lookin forward to it
  4. Love that shot. Makes u feel good looking at it.
  5. If i get chance of a clear sky tonight (yeah right) , would it be worth a look. ??
  6. ps sorry to go off topic or hijack the thread. i had copied and pasted(poorly) something that TJ said earlier in the thread as i really liked it.
  7. Sorry themos i just dont get that. maybe i am missing something i thought that 1 light year is how far light travels in a year. andromeda is 2.5 million lights years away so there for traveling at the speed of light (which i believe is constant) will take 2.5 million year ???? if we were to travel slightly behind the speed of light then it will take slightly longer. how can the distance shrink ?? i am not saying you are wrong i just would like it explaining as i am learning !! Cheers ps now my head is starting to hurt
  8. The thing that freaks me out, is that even if we could set off at the speed of light, in our lifetime we would hardly get past our nearest neighbours, let alone out of our own galaxy......and yet there are billions of galaxies............awesome!! :) What a thought !!!
  9. very intresting read. i enjoyed that thread although i hope its not over. it hurts my head when i start to think about whats out there. and it hurts my head more to think that i will more than likley never find out. The one thing i will say is this........ How many times have the experts on planet earth been wrong.. eg. The earth is flat ETC !! and a thought ..... if a blood cell had a brain ... would it ever find out it was in a human ?? (i hope you understand why i think that.... earth being a blood cell in my thoughts)
  10. Have a good holiday Luke ...
  11. Seen 9 from 12 till 1. Had neighbours round and mrs cousin. They loved it..... WOW was the word of the night. Clouded over again but it was clear as a bell fir an hour. Perfect. Staying out on my own now till about 3 if i can. It was this shower last year that got me into astronomy after reading about it on the news. It was to cloudy though. One year on and I got a lucky hour. Hope some of u others managed an hour or so
  12. Soz Kirby Could not resist it. We saw a few around casssiopia the other night. Still cloudy here
  13. Or that's poor !! I did the same n the neighbours are getting anoyed with the clouds. And me for the disappointment. Arrgghhhhhhhhh
  14. Gutted Cloud all over in Manchester . Not happy. But gonna stay up till 4 if I have to !!
  15. Teddy

    A special M51

    Hey carol that's really nice. I am pleased for you. I remember reading about your new scope and I knew you were excited. Hope it's as good as u expected . It certainly seems that way. How have u found tapping/nudging the scope. I am getting used to it but I ain't sketching. We got our dobs at the same time. U have ten more inch's than me though ;-)
  16. Nice one doc. Everyone needs someone to inspire them. Maybe u just did that for a few folk. Glad u all enjoyed it.
  17. Thanks u lot. Yeah I thought I saw the milkyway but was not sure enough to report it. I did m31 with the naked eye after I found it with the bino's. It just looked so busy up there. I have wanted to see the milkyway since I started a year ago but I haven't ..... So chuffed I have now. Beautiful !!!!!! Will be back in the lakes soon.n your a Lucky lot who live there. Amazing when u feel alive due to just looking up and taking it all in.
  18. Nice story . Sounds like the perfect way to view the shower
  19. Well last night was in the lakes , tonight we are in Scarborough . So let's hope we have another clear night as I think these skies might be dark to. Tomo back in sunny Salford for the shower peak. Busy busy busy. Still gobsmacked how clear n dark last night was. The view of the milkyway might never be beaten ?? A glittery band is a good description.
  20. I am so glad that someone said they saw the milkyway. I swore I saw it. Now I know I saw it. It looked so clear and alive ..... Awsome
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