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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone, i really appreciate it. I think i'll keep the dobsonian for the time and i'll look into buying what Alan has mentioned. i dont think i could part company with my first telescope, i think i'll add these ones to my collection
  2. Hiya Stu, Funnily enough i bought this book AFTER i bought my telescope. I was a bit devastated at the fact that i didn't buy with it. Are you saying that i cant mount my scope on a EQ6? or it isnt ideal?
  3. Afternoon Guys, I recently purchased a Dobsonian 10" scope (my first one) everything is brilliant with it and ive had some pretty good results in regards to what i can see and ive also had decent pictures of the moon and jupiter... But obviously this isnt an ideal scope for astrophotography! I am just wondering if it would be a good idea to splash out some more money on a tracking mount for me to get some decent pictures of nebulae etc... the mount i want is the EQ6 GoTo synscan any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi Adrian, thank you for your comment, i am going to couple a barlow lense to the nose piece when i get in from work tonight and try to focus it on a distant object like you have mentioned. Hopefully this works with the barlow being attached and i am going to try a long exposure on the stars. Also, the moon should be visible tonight so a bit of trial and error on the focuser should do the trick! i shall let you know in a few hours! Andy
  5. Morning All, Last night i tried doing some imaging with my 250PX telescope and my Nikon D3200 DSLR. I have everything needed to mount it onto the telscope (T Ring, Nose Piece) But when i mounted it on and then went onto live view all i was greeted with was blackness. Does anyone have any tips on how to resolve this? I didnt get the tinniest bit of light through.... I was also shooting in Manual mode. Any advice would be great. Thanks a lot guys, Andy.
  6. Thanks guys, I think i'll make that investment as i've already spent a bit of money on buying the equipment. I have definetly got the astronomy bug!
  7. Good afternoon Everyone... I hope you're all well. I have recently purchased my first telescope (Dobsonian 250PX) everything is great and i have even bought some new eyepieces which are fantastic. I have also just bought a Nikon D3200 camera along with the orion variable adapter and T ring...My question is how would i go about about getting the best shots using this camera? I.E, What settings i should be using and what not as this is all very new to me. I have obviously done a lot of reading on the internet but this is the best place for tips and advice!!! any comments will be much appreciated
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone, Qualia, what are the specific eye pieces you use?
  9. Good afternoon everyone! Can anyone recommend some Eye Pieces for my telescope? i wouldnt mind catching views of the odd nebulae and i want decent images of planets etc... my budget per eyepiece would be £40 but i would be willing to increase it depending on how good it actually is. I look forward to hearing your feedback! Cheers guys.
  10. AndyUK92

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    Hi Everyone, thanks for the welcome messages. What EP's would you recommend for my scope? For planetary views and nebulae.
  11. AndyUK92

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    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it. i wouldnt mind doing that, Keith! Im still getting to grips with things but im getting there... its nothing SGL won't help me with
  12. AndyUK92

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    Hi everyone, I am a new member to this site but i have been using it for months for tips on which scope to buy. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on here i must say... and even though you don't know, some of you have been a big help in helping me find the right one. (250px Dobsonian) I look forward to hearing your thoughts and tips!
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