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  1. I just want to change one thing but I would say: it's finished!
  2. Latest photo. Only small details left to do. If I had good weather I would take first light.
  3. Thank you guys My heart sinks when I think about selling it... Like Monty Python said "Live is piece of s... when you look at it (...)" But I already think about next project. My wife resists but it's my destiny - 18" ultra compact Newtonian. I will take a half year break and then start it. You will not belive but I am accountant, I studied economisc at University of Gdansk. But I love doing something in my garrage, it's stronger than me. I have to create!
  4. Latest photos. It should be finished this year
  5. Active cooling will not be necessary. It is open construction so will be cooled all around But it will be easy to adapt cooling.
  6. Thanks Gary. But there is one thing I havn't mentioned so far... I was forced to make the scope... I bought mirrors a year ago, planned to build the scope and then my planes changed. Decided to sell mirrors but... no one wanted to buy it. It's not easy to build Newtonian but still to do, but everyone was frighten of building the Cassegrain. So, I had to do it myself The worse is that I will test it I will sell it. Need money for other project... Bigger of course It's sad that a part of my heart, my child will go to the others... In the other side I will be happy when new owner will not be able to take a breath because of the views given by the scope
  7. Adrian, It was custom made optics set. Hand-polished, total accuracy is not worse than 1/8 lambda. I posted at "for sale" 12" mirrors for R-C but it could be done Cassegrain system also. The source of the optics is the same as mine Cassegrain. Not cheap but good optics has it's price
  8. Hi again! Had a brake in posting but no break in making the scope. I spent over 100 hours on it so far! But it was worth. I prepared it for painting and flocking. I suppose it will be finished in a week All inside of optical path will be flocked. Just take a look.
  9. Belive me, if you know what you do and you have tools, it's not so hard I spent lot of time just thinking and thinking. Having a good plan is a half of the success.
  10. Pipes will be cut when I get better. I wanted to use Moonlite dual speed focuser and bought one. But it turned out to have too small tube travel and I need other (this one is listed at astrobuysell.com). I ordered proper focuser (still on the way). I will use green laser pointer as a finder in standard bracket taken from 6x30 finder. The 3 curved vane spider I bought at 1800destiny.com There are two pipes assembled but there will be four.
  11. Most of time took me the main mirror cell. I prepared 18 support points using PLOP. Collimation bolts (M8) and solid springs make it stable. I have also attached 3 M5 bolts to prevent mirror from getting out when collimation bolt are unscrewed too much. I also want to give 3 M6 bolts to oppose the mirror cell from the end front (I hope you know what I mean...).
  12. OK, I am sick (flue...) so I have a time to show you what I've done so far. Light construction made of waterproof plywood and aluminium pipes. I am quite good equiped in tools so it was not very hard to do
  13. I flocked my SN10 using self-adhesive velvet from Alkor DecoDesign. It costed me 10 pounds (ca. 45PLN). The final effect is great! I have also replaced awful stock focuser and installed Orion (USA) 1:11 Low Profile Crayford
  14. It's not my scope but light shroud is made of spandex. Inside view is with flash. Just take a look:
  15. I know that for making light shroud can be used black spandex fabric. It's shiny from one side and matt in the other. And it's cheap as chips I am going to use it in my DIY project.
  16. Pablito

    Hi everybody

    Thanks for you ALLl! I think I will never walk alone here
  17. Thanks for the link Barkis. I saw their offer but in the pricelist I found only finished mirrors. There is in Poland a person who polishes mirrors with very good accuracy for much less money than in UK. Even if I buy mirror blank from Schott I will get mirror for a half price in comparison to Oldham Optical Galvoptics offer low expansion 18" mirror blanks in good price but contact with them is limited...
  18. Pablito

    Hi everybody

    John, I see in your signature homemade dob mount. In my garrage I struggle with the same for my LXD55 SN10" scope. I am going to attach stepper motors and DSC system. I bought NCG-Max computer on ebay recently. Hope it will work He he, I've just nottices my literal mistake: "hat to sell". I have no hat to sale now Replace "t" with "d".
  19. Pablito

    Hi everybody

    Hi, It should be my first post but it's the second My name is Paul, I live in Poland. I am interested in watching the sky since ever but I am equipped from 5 years (only). I am your forum viewer from a year but I finally decided to register. Hope will stay with you for a long time I am DIY enthusiast. I built two equatiorial platforms and almost finished 12" truss dobsonian (hat to sell it). Upgreading equipment is real pleasure for me. This week I am going to flock my 10" Schmidt-Newtonian and replace the focuser with 1:11 Crayford. If I will find 18" mirror blank I will build Obssesion UC style truss dob Thanks for attention P.S. I learnt your language 10 years ago so forgive me some mistakes
  20. Hi, It's my first topic at this Forum so let me introduce. My name is Paul and live in Poland. I have 5 years experience in astronomy (with equipment). I love DIY projects (built 2 equatorial platforms and 75% of 12" dob Newtonian). Ok. My question is: do The Galvoptics still provide large mirror blanks? I sent them 3 or 4 mesages but there is no reply. Will you help me guys? Could someone contact with them? I am going to build 18" "Obsession UC style" Newtonian. Buying the blank directly from Schott is very expensive, I try to find some other source. P.S. Sorry for my language skills. I learnt your language 10 years ago...
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