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  1. I'm hoping you can answer my question on how the spacers should be placed with relative to the hole. Should all of the hole be visible or only part of it. I have attached two images for reference. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi Everyone, I have posted this before but thought I may get more insight on this post. I am trying to install my moonlite CR2 focuser on a Skywatcher 12". I am wondering if someone can assist me on how the spacers should be placed before attaching the focuser unit. I have attached two images below: Image 1 has the hole fully visible, and image 2 hole not fully visible. Any advice will be greatly appreciated Thank you.
  3. When your drawtube is fully retracted, does it go through the hole in the tube?
  4. Okay will have to attempt again later after I finish work. I'll post an image later for you guys to review. Thank you to all for your help.
  5. Thanks for the image. Maybe me rephrasing the question would help. Should I install the spacers such that it entirely covers the hole or partially? Meaning is Image 2 or Image 4 the right way to do it.
  6. Hi Everyone, I've a 12" Skywatcher Collapsible Dobsonian and recently purchased a Moonlite Crayford Focuser for Reflectors. It came with .5" adapter & 1" adapter. Could someone please advise on which way the installation should occur. I am not sure if I need to only use the .05" or the 1" or use both. Secondly, which way should the adapters be mounted. Should they be mounted such that the 1" number appears in the top left, meaning the curved part on the top or bottom? also should the focuser be placed such that the dual knob comes on the right or left? Any advice is greatly appreciated. If someone has a similar design please let me know! Thank you! Clear Skies
  7. Hello, I wanted to upgrade my focuser on 12inch Dobsonion, wanted to ask if anyone has done that and which one did you go for? Thank You!
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