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  1. Hello there Tony, I have only recently got a planetary camera myself, but it looks to me like your Saturn is overexposed, causing the details to be washed out. Try a much shorter exposure time. The planet may appear fairly dim on the screen, and the video might look a bit grim, but once stacked it will look better. From what I gather, the important thing is to have a high frame rate and capture lots of frames. So far I have been capturing up to 3-4,000. Not sure myself if this is overkill, but it means you have a better chance of getting good frames for the software to choose from. For example
  2. Very nice, I was also out trying to spot them tonight, but could only see Titan and Iapetus. Due to checking Sky Safari 4 in advance I imagined I could see Enceladus, but I do not think it likely. I've only had this scope 3 months and already I want a bigger one, but then that goes for everything, I suppose!
  3. At the suggestion of des anderson in another thread http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/245743-seeing-more-of-saturn/ I decided to have a go at making a composite of Saturn and some of the moons. It is a combo of an 8 second exposure to capture the moons, then I had PIPP chose the best 30% of 3000 frames to stack for the planet itself. I had to photoshop it a bit hard to remove the glare, and make Iapetus a bit more visible, so the relative brightnesses are not strictly accurate.
  4. Thanks, hmmm good idea, I think I will give that a go.
  5. I cannot tell you, but she has gone to a place where she has no more need of earthly goods.
  6. I currently run my SLT mount direct from Lucas AGM batteries out of my grannys mobility scooter - I have a 12v car socket wired to the terminals and just use a springy 12v car socket cable to connect to the mount. The battery sits on the tripod tray, so nice short cable to not trip over. It runs for hours, no problems. I just rotate in a charged one next session while the other is topped up. I expect you will need more capacity to accomodate the laptop, but same principle.
  7. Filename says it all; nice one! Looks like you've picked up PGC 45992 in the bottom right too?
  8. Hello everyone, I caught my first views of Saturn back in April when I had to wait up until 2 am to see it! At the time it appeared to have a companion - it seemed to be on the edge of perception so I couldn't tell if it was really there, but later did confirm it was Titan. I was chuffed as it didn't occur to me that I'd be able to see the moons with the 127 Mak. Last week I looked again - Titan seemed more obvious and two further companions were perceptible. I made a crude drawing with a biro and the next day was able to confirm I'd seen Rhea and Dione! Anyway, last night was clear so got rea
  9. Hello there, I was recently facing a similar choice and in the end went for the Celestron 127 SLT. I got it for a good price from Amazon, but it has since gone up. It's a similar price to the SkyMax elsewhere though http://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/celestron-nexstar-127-slt.html This is a virtual clone of the SkyMax 127 you mention, with a few differences. (I did actually have a second hand SkyMax 127 in my possession but had to send it back as the tripod was damaged) The SkyMax comes with a 6x30 finderscope instead of the red dot finder with the Celestron. Personally, I tho
  10. Hello everyone, my first planetary camera, the ZWO ASI034MC arrived on Wednesday, and yesterday afternoon the skies started to clear, while the weather satellite imagery seemed to suggest I might get a few clear hours. I have ordered a barlow, but it has not arrived yet. However I will not allow such trifles to get in the way, so I got the scope (Celestron 127 SLT) set up in the early evening. While waiting for the pesky Sun to go down, I turned it on the Moon: Later on, when Venus became visible I started the SkyAlign - Moon, Venus and with much hunting with binos, Jupiter was located. For
  11. Nice images and great that you had the chance to see Saturn at opposition! What with work commitments and clouds I have only seen him for about 10 minutes these past few days! I hope I get some more chances, as the planet will be even lower next year I should've taken up this hobby ten years ago.......
  12. Hello there, Tim. Nice to see someone else from Staffordshire. I'm new here too, I hope you enjoy the scope when you get it unpacked!
  13. Ok, I did wonder. I've seen QHY and ZWO cameras pop up and they seem to be grabbed almost as fast as any ferrous metal left out for the scrapman. That PX-35C just doesn't seem to be shifting... That does make sense - I have seen some discussion about getting the right pixel sizes and sensitivity, I just have trouble following the formulae! So looks like the ZWO will be the one to go for. I was watching one of those Revelation barlows on eBay and forgot to bid... oh well there are plenty about. Thanks for the advice - I now have a plan of action! I will let you know how I get on.
  14. Thanks for that, I had a look at some of your images; they look great and I think the ZWO will be just the ticket! Has it been fairly easy to set up and use?
  15. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I understand we are now going into the 'low season' for observing, what with short nights and presumably extra heat haze to deal with? Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to getting as much as I can out of my new equipment.
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