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  1. You guys lost me a bit but I see what you mean now, bit of a poor choice for a cover photo I suppose but the book does have good reviews.
  2. Thanks Dan, Is it because they are reflector scopes? The intervalometer is to take the shot without touching the camera to stop vibration?
  3. Thanks guys, Ive ordered a copy of making every photon count il wait a bit before buying the camera just to do a little ebit more research.
  4. Hi guys, haven't been on here for a while because it hasn't stopped raining since may. Anyway, I've been thinking about buying a Canon 1200d mainly because of the price and reviews are very good. To start with Id like to use it for wide field shots like the milky way, Andromeda ect and the moon just to get to grips with it. I have a SW explorer 130 on eq2 mount and SW heritage 76 which I'd like to attach it to in time. Realistically it will be used for daytime as much as AP if not more. Was wondering if anyone could suggest an alternative brand/model I should consider before I buy? Ive seen a few pics on here using the 1200d so I got a rough idea of what to expect. Also any suggestions on AP books that are there out there would be appreciated. Any opinions, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  5. Managed to wake up and watch the eclipse and took a few snaps with my phone and Skywatcher Heritage 76. Quite pleased with the way they look, really want to buy a DSLR now tho.
  6. Sky was clear last night so I decided to go out about 10 to have a look for the Perseids, I seen quite a few meteors but they were in a south eastwards direction and even one or two south west, I thought that they were suppose to be in the north east. I read that there were a few meteor showers this month but I couldnt see any where I thought the Perseids should be. Have I got it wrong or was it a different shower?
  7. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that Heavenly glory!
  8. Wow, they are great photos, better than i wouldve expected from a phone. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Hello, I'm wondering what is the best way to attach my s5 to my SW 130 explorer on eq2 mount. I have seen a few posts on the net of people who have taken some pretty decent pictures with their smartphones and thinking about giving it a go, I can't really afford a dslr camera or decent eyepiece webcam at the moment. I seen one photo of Saturn, someone recorded a video of it and then stacked the frames using registax and then some other editing but it looked awesome! Can anyone recommend a good adapter or any tips on building one myself? Also is it possible to do any long exposure shots with this setup for dso's, I'm pretty new to astronomy and completely new to astrophotography but have been doing a fair bit of reading on here. Any help thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers.
  10. Thanks guys I ordered the 5mm btm this morning, can't wait for it to come I think you are right Mrbloke, I think seeing conditions need to be pretty good as its quite a powerful ep ( I'm not sure tho). I think I may get the zoom next month tho, I was going to get a nice low power ep next for clusters and nebulars ect but may wait until the nights are more drawn in for that sort of stuff.
  11. Haha, Thanks Ronin I think I'll pay the extra and get the 5mm BST
  12. Hi guys, I got a SW explorer 130 and I've been wondering what ep's to get and I thought I'd decided on a BST 5mm "Starguider" from Skies the limit to start with for viewing Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon ect. Then I seen the 6mm TMB which is cheaper and it says it's for planetary viewing, I am wondering what is the difference? The starguider is saying it has a FOV of 60 and the TMB is 58, I read somewhere on here that I would be better off getting the Starguider. I am also considering the Starguider 8-24mm zoom ep which has a FOV of 40-60, obviously it wont have quite as high magnification but I may get a tidy barlow, any help or thoughts appreciated.
  13. Awesome pics and video guys, I came this close to driving to the Brecon Beacons last night but didn't. I was gutted today when I heard and started seeing peoples photos
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