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  1. Have a look at this obsy. For those who have not yet built the dome, this one has no curves. Observatory
  2. Hi there, I can recommend JMR Section benders Ltd 0208 593 7324 They are experts in rolling and bending all kinds of sections. They even designed the machines to do the rolling. I used to work with them back in the 60's and I will be getting them to roll my dome rings later this year. cheers Ray
  3. You could have a look at Abacus Furniture. Their catalogue can be browsed or downloaded (39Mb) www.abacus-furniture.co.uk
  4. For gears either HPC www.hpcgears.com or Davall Gears www.sdp-si.com
  5. Hi Pac, If you need a set of rings made (rolled in steel) and a mounting bar then pm me
  6. For those who, like me, are waiting to get all the parts before assembling then this may be of interest. http://www.youtube.com/user/MossGoss Ray
  7. Try these. Clear Plastic Supplies 01246 270992. They go down to 1 metre lengths. (5" OD at £11.70/mtr + blood or Alternative Plastics 02476 641210 ray
  8. Macmarch

    hi to everyone

    Hi and welcome from March.
  9. I must be lucky then. Not only does my lady take an interest but is actively reading up on it.
  10. There is a company down in London that would roll you a ring. they would even be able to roll one using "U" section Ali. It was an offshoot of a company I worked for. (a long time ago) I had them roll me ali angle for rotating rings for newts. Unfortunately the person who I made them for has not been in touch to let me know how they worked. If anyone is interested, I had them rolled so one fitted inside the other then I machined them to produce right angled faces and used PTFE pads as thrust bearings/runners/. Although it isn't cheap I could be persuaded to make another set. MAX dia 17" OD meaning about 12/13" OTA. Each ring split into 2 halves and were rigidly screwed to clamp on the OTA. Further details pm me If you want a steel ring then in order to reduce the distortion use unequal angle. Something like 1" x 3/8" x 1/8" thk hockey stick section.
  11. Then of course there is Bern of Modern Astronomy. Very helpful and his prices are the keenest.
  12. Be very carefull. I used to supply extension shafts for the EQ6. Then switched to replacement extended shafts, several companies now do them. The 1/4" thread is only 4mm dia at the root. Even using hi tensile bolts I found that two 5kg weights down on the 'extended bit' caused a 5deg bend at the joint. I have not calculated the shear force but I immediately stopped producing the extension shafts that screwed in.
  13. I could do you a heavy duty dovetail machined from 2" x 1" solid A/A. If your ring spacing is 310mm then I can do it from stock else a couple of days to drill to your sizes. cheers
  14. Can I be of help? Ray L www.freewebs.com/raysrings
  15. That bridgebar is 5mm thick and I sometimes use 1/4" thick all in Steel. The equivalent in A/A would be 1/2" thick and 2" wide. Haven't had any adverse comments yet but I am always open to suggestions etc to provide a better solution to do the job. (what have I said!) I thought I had put in 2 bolts for the dovetail. Thank you for the write up and pics. cheers Ray L
  16. Macmarch

    Hi I'm new here

    Hi Tony, Welcome to SGL. Better still come and join the early retired, best thing I ever did.
  17. Welcome Jim, another engineer. Enjoy the forum. ray
  18. Macmarch

    Hello All

    Welcome Bill, not been here long myself but they are a friendly lot. have fun. cheers ray
  19. Thanks to all for the recomendations. Can I be of help Alan? As you have the EQ6 then I can do a side by side for an ST80 and an **80 using close fit rings and adjustable rings for the st. PM me for prices etc. cheers ray
  20. Hi there, Do you want close fitting or adjustable rings for the ST80? have a look on my website www.freewebs.com/raysrings feel free to ring. (pm or eve best) ray thanks CC
  21. CC, Thanks, I started building it in 1972 and then took 24 yrs off. I was on shift work. Only have to finish the boiler and its a goer. For those who aren't into live steam its a 2-8-0 Canadian switcher and 4ft 6" long. Oh well back to making astro bits. cheers all Ray L
  22. Hi all, Can I help? I am making a couple now. 43mm wide on the dovetail and 25mm thick SOLID Ali in lengths up to 400mm. (specifically for the EQ6) Natural finish. (brushed surface) Holes where you want them. see www.freewebs.com/raysrings P.S. price around £30 + p/p
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